Christmas in July: Financially Prepare for The Holidays Starting in The Summer!

Now that July is here, it’s time to start thinking about…Christmas?  No, we aren’t suggesting you pull out your cocoa and Santa hats, but thinking about the holidays starting now is a great way to manage your finances and spending in the coming months leading up to Christmas.  There are many ways you can make the holidays more affordable, especially if you are currently unemployed or are recovering financially from a period of unemployment and lack of income.  Try some of these tips to make this Christmas the best ever without blowing your budget…

  • Shop smart. We just finished the 4th of July holiday, where everything was red, white, and blue.  What colors do Independence Day share with Christmas?  Red and white!  Some items like chargers for your table setting, candles, ribbon, and even decorative plates and napkins (if in solid colors) can be purchased on clearance in reds, whites, and silvers after the 4th and then repurposed for Christmas.  By shopping NOW for things you need in December, you are not only saving money by taking advantage of the clearance prices, but you are also spreading out the cost of the Christmas season by preparing ahead.
  • Pay attention to deals.  Some stores, including Amazon, offer “Christmas in July” deals this month.  By jumping on the trend, you could snag some great prices for gifts you need to purchase before December.  Watch out for sale papers throughout the month of July and you’ll be surprised at how much you can save!
  • Make Your List, Check It Twice.  Never start Christmas shopping without a list.  Sit down and make a list of each person you need to purchase gifts for this year, from your child’s teacher to your significant other.  If possible, brainstorm a few ideas for each person so you have a general plan of action when you start shopping.  This is how you save money, since you can watch for specific items to go on sale and purchase them then, and take advantage of the best prices all year long.  In addition to gifts, make lists of things you need for any annual Christmas parties, holiday baking, etc. and watch for sales of these items too!

While we can’t help you do your shopping and prepping, we can help you find the employment you need before Christmas hits. We are currently recruiting for many new positions throughout the Polk County area here in Central Florida, and we can use your current skills and qualifications to match you with a job that’s right for YOU.  Give us a call to get started, or visit our Jobs page for more information and to submit your resume.