Recruiting Day: How to Prepare for Your Interview

Recently, PHR Staffing Solutions has participated in several recruiting days around the greater Lakeland and Winter Haven areas, and we feel it’s a good idea to share a few tips we’ve come up with after going through this process.  Unlike job fairs or expos, recruiting days are intense periods of back to back interviews with various applicants.  At these interviews you don’t expect to be hired immediately, but rather, you hope to make it through to the next round.  This initial interview at the recruiting day is a good opportunity for a short face to face and create a file for you.

Being prepared for a recruiting day though is just as important as being prepared for a final job interview or for a business expo. So, how can you help yourself make the cut and get passed on to the next round of interviews?

Bring Your Resume.  This is key.  Have a printed copy (or two) of your resume on hand to give to the person/people interviewing you.  For “perk points” have your resume in a neat, professional folder (preferably in a neutral color) to improve appearances.

Dress Comfortably AND Appropriately.  Professional dress is vital at any interview, since your first impression is the most important.  However, recruiting days are often long, and you could be waiting for a while.  This is not the time to put on a dress you struggle to sit in for long periods, or shoes that hurt your feet from the moment you lace them up.  Opt for pieces that are professional and comfortable to ensure that you are still in a good mood for your interview!

Honesty Is The Best Policy.  Be up front about your previous work experience and your background.  Any criminal history will show up on a background check anyway, so it’s best to be honest with your interviewer and make them aware of the situation, and take the opportunity to explain yourself.  If possible, bring references with you from previous jobs to assist in your credibility.

Plan for Follow Up.  Ask your interviewer how you should follow up before you leave.  Sometimes a follow up email or phone call will be requested.  If no required follow up is given, it can still be a good idea to send a thank you email, or even a hand-written note, to your interviewer to let them know you appreciated the opportunity to meet with them.  Even if you don’t get the specific job you were seeking, it makes a good impression on them and could bring you to mind for future jobs that open up.

We hope this helps you feel more confident as you head into your next recruiting day.  Still on the job hunt?  PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to help.  You can give us a call or apply for one of our current openings online.  We also advertise upcoming job fairs and recruiting days on our social media accounts, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and on our Google+ page so you don’t miss out!