Rainbow Hair? You Should Care: How Unusual Hair Color (and Other Alterations to Your Appearance) Affect Your Career

Are you considering that unicorn hair dye option from your local salon? Or perhaps a new tattoo is how you’re considering kicking off a new year? You might want to think twice if you’re in the middle of a job search and hoping to get hired. While it’s true that one’s appearance does not affect their performance or how well you can/can’t do a particular job, it turns out that employers aren’t convinced, and how you look when you show up to your interview could impact whether or not you land the job.

What matters most to employers, and what could cost you the career you were hoping for?

Well, as it turns out, hair color comes out near the top of the list (topped by non-traditional interview outfit, so choose your clothing wisely)! Unusual hair colors, such as bright, flamboyant colors or non-traditional styles/effects, can be a turn-off when you walk into an interview, as many employers are concerned that your appearance could be offensive or off-putting to their own client or customer base. Not far below hair color are obvious tattoos and piercings for the same reasons. It’s not that these things are right/wrong, but rather, how they appear to those who you would be serving in your job and therefore how it would reflect on your employer.

So, what should you do when it’s time for an interview? If you’ve already dyed your hair, or if you already have a variety of piercings or tattoos, don’t give up hope. You could consider changing your hair color back to something more traditional if you’re worried about it impacting your chances of getting hired. For tattoos or piercings, play them down as such as possible. Cover what you can with tasteful clothing, remove excess piercings if possible, and put together the most traditional appearance you can manage to give yourself the best chances of making a good first impression on your potential boss and/or interviewer.

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