Making “Time” for New Year’s Resolutions: Breaking the Bad Habit of Tardiness in The Workplace in 2020

A lesson many of us are taught early in life is that being late is not acceptable. Whether it be receiving an admonishing note from an elementary teacher for being late to school, or a negative comment from a college friend after being tardy for a coffee date, running late isn’t smiled upon. However, being late in these situations would have few, if any, long-term effects on your life. Fast-forward to adulthood though, and a precedence of being late on a routine basis can damage not only your reputation, but also your career.

If you are continually late to work and it has become a habit, it’s important to note…

…it’s disrespectful. Not only does it show a lack of respect for your employer, but to your fellow employees and any customers or clients that depend on your punctual arrival as well. When others are counting on you, letting them down by not showing up at the planned time could end up throwing off the rest of their day’s schedule, and that is the epitome of disrespect.

…it’s “stealing.” While you’re not actually taking a physical item away from someone, or pocketing cash from the workplace, not arriving on time means you are, at the core, stealing the company’s time and/or money. If you are paid hourly salary, being late means you will lose out on some of your allotted pay, but you are still costing your boss (and their business) valuable time with your absence. If you get paid routine salary, you are stealing actual income from your boss, since you are being paid for hours that you aren’t actually completing.

…it’s poor management. Managing your own time is a valuable skill in life across the board, and it’s one that should be mastered early in your career. Not only does it help you in your daily routine but it also increases your likelihood of impressing current and future employers with improved efficiency and productivity at work. If you are continually tardy on the job, it shows poor management, and if you can’t be trusted with the work given, why would a boss think you’re capable of higher-paying jobs?

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