Florida Businesses and Winter Residents: What You Should Know

Florida is notorious for our significant population of winter-only residents, or “snowbirds” as we fondly refer to them, and as the season shifts from Summer into Fall, we expectantly wait for them to return to the warm sunshine after spending the hot summer away in cooler weather. For many of us, it means welcoming back neighbors, friends, or even family, but what does this time of year mean for business owners?

If you own a business in Florida, winter residents can be a huge benefit to you for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They provide an increase in business! Whether you deal in products or services, when the snowbirds flock back home, you will see a boost in customers! More people means more business for you, and that translates into an increase in profits. It’s important to prepare for this influx though, as you need to be prepared with both products and staff to handle the higher work load.
  • Regarding a higher workload and the need for more staff, winter residents provide a great opportunity for that as well! A whole new wave of potential employees will be at your fingertips, and what’s better, they won’t necessarily be asking for long-term, full-time hours. Many snowbirds enjoy taking on part-time and/or seasonal work as it gives them something to fill their hours and bring in a little extra cash while they’re here, but doesn’t tie them down and prevent them from leaving on their travels next spring and summer. Be sure to appeal to winter residents when you’re looking for individuals to fill vacancies in your staff in the coming weeks and months!
  • Winter residents are a great referral service. Florida snowbirds love bringing down friends and family to visit their winter home in the Sunshine State, and they’re always sure to show off their favorite restaurants, stores, and hot spots around town. This can be an additional boost to your business, and it serves as a great referral network for you, without you having to pay a cent! Word of mouth is a wonderful way to grow your business.

We hope this will help you view the upcoming winter resident migration as a positive experience for your business, and will give you some ideas for using that to your advantage as an employer. PHR Staffing Solutions is here to help you too! We are continually updating our database of applicants, and are working to match them with positions that fit their situation, skills, and abilities, including those who are snowbirds looking for part-time hours. When you trust us with openings in your staff, you can rest assured that you will get only the best options, and we will work closely with you to find the perfect fit. Give us a call to get started!