Packing a Punch, or Packing Your Lunch?: How Lunch Choices Affect Your Budget, Your Health, and Your Time

takeaway-1625652_640Every day, employees everywhere watch the clock for that glorious time of day known as the lunch break.  By this time in the early afternoon, your breakfast is likely to have worn off and you are probably dreaming of a few minutes to yourself, or socializing with coworkers, and enjoying a meal to give you some pep for the rest of the afternoon. However, one of the biggest choices you must face each day is whether you should pack your lunch and bring it from home, or purchase your lunch from a cafeteria at work, vending machine, or nearby eatery.

So, what’s the best option?

According to experts, you are better to pack your lunch for many reasons, including…

Your Budget.  The average lunch out can cost anywhere from $7-$10, and if you figure spending that every workday each month, you could be spending upwards of $200 or more each month on your lunch.  That’s a lot of your hard-earned cash to let go of just for one meal each day.  We’d say it “packs a punch” to your budget!  By packing your lunch, you can majorly cut down on your cost, and you can also customize your lunch to your budget/taste preferences.  That’s a big perk!

Your Health.  If you know anything about nutrition, you know that the majority of choices available at restaurants (or out of vending machines) have a lot of calories, and little, if any, health benefits.  The lunches that are on the healthier side are usually much more expensive, and aren’t always convenient on a short lunch break from work.  Packing your lunch means you can guarantee healthy options, and since you are the one packing it, you can budget shop for healthy and affordable additions to your lunch.

Your Time.  Going to eat your lunch out each day takes valuable time away from your lunch break.  Even if there are dining options within walking distance, you can figure at least 10 minutes of walking/waiting time involved with picking up your lunch. For a 30-minute lunch break, that’s a significant portion of your time being taken.  Instead of having to rush through eating due to the retrieval of your food taking up your slotted lunch time, you could have your lunch ready to go as soon as the clock strikes “lunch” if you bring it from home.  Don’t think this means you are stuck at your desk alone though.  Take your lunch to the nearest area where coworkers are dining, or to a conference room where you can chat with others from your office while you have a few minutes off.

We hope this inspires you to think twice before you leave for work without your lunch.  If lunch is the least of your concerns, and you are looking for the perfect job to jump-start your career or help finding short-term work to assist with some temporary financial needs,  PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to help you on your hunt.  We provide top-quality employees to companies throughout the greater Lakeland area, and we can help you land a job that is perfect for your skills and your needs.