Holiday Hunting: Find The Job for You This Season

words-1797603_640Thanksgiving is almost here, and with Christmas coming on its heels, people all over Polk County area are gearing up for the holiday season.  This time of year is when people are “on the hunt”.  Hunting for a perfect tree, the perfect gifts, the best Black Friday deals, etc. consume their thoughts, their lists, and their checkbooks.  However, if you are currently unemployed, or underemployed, you might be on the hunt for a job to pay for all the holiday-related costs.

We have some encouragement for you!  This part of the year is actually a great time to be on the lookout for a new position. Why is the holiday season the best time to job hunt?

  • Companies want to start out the new year with fresh eyes and perspective.  New employees are a great way to introduce “new blood” to a company, and give it a much-needed boost in the coming year.  Often, employers want to get their hiring done before the New Year, but don’t want to be in the throes of interviewing and hiring during Christmas, so the period of time from the beginning of November until Christmas is a great time to be sending out as many applications and feelers as possible.
  • Businesses are expecting increased work load for the holiday season.  In retail, it’s no secret that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years (and even into Valentine’s Day) is a huge time of hiring and staff growth.  However, this isn’t isolated to only retail-related jobs.  Many companies of all types tend to have an influx in work during this time of year since people are trying to get in last-minute end of the year paperwork, wrap up accounts before the New Year, finish jobs before the holidays, etc.
  • Employers expect staff changes in the coming year.  Oftentimes, employees who are planning a change in their career (such as leaving work to be a stay-at-home or work-at-home parent, to care for an aging loved one, to pursue other goals, etc.) will execute this plan at the end of the year.  It allows them to finish out a tax year, to get any upcoming Christmas bonuses, etc. Unfortunately, this leaves employers with a deficit at the beginning of a new year, and since employees will be turning in their notices over the course of the last few weeks of the year, companies will be looking to hire replacements and/or temporary fill-ins to keep their business running into 2017.

PHR Staffing Solutions has many opportunities in all fields for those who are seeking employment in the greater Lakeland area.  If you are local to Central Florida and want to make the next move in your career, or are simply looking for something to supplement the holiday finances this year, give us a call!  We would love to take your resume and get to know you.  We can evaluate your skill set, desires in a new job, and then find positions that could be a great fit for you.  Our goal is to see everyone who comes through our door hired in a job that suits them perfectly.