Hooked on Facebook: Why Personal Social Media Engagement At Work Is A No-No

fb-artIn today’s technology-rich era, social media has taken over both personal and business use of the internet.  Companies use social media platforms to further their exposure to their target audience, engage their customers and clients, and advertise for new business.  On a personal level, social media connects people from all over the world, and offers value in staying active with contacts from both your past and your present, in addition to offering news, entertainment, etc.  Social media, primarily Facebook, are definitely one of the most common sights to see on people’s phones, computers, and tablets.

Unfortunately though, this overexposure to these social media platforms has turned into a near addiction, and that is affecting businesses and productivity more than you’d expect.  Surveys show that almost 70% of employees list logging into Facebook as the first thing they do when they arrive at their desk or work station each day.  This doesn’t even account for the use of smartphones and tables to log into personal social media.  Why is Facebook at work such a bad thing?

In and of itself, occasionally checking in during a free moment at work wouldn’t be negative (unless, of course, it directly disobeys company policy).  An occasional check-in isn’t the norm though.  Most Facebook users can spend anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour browsing their “newsfeed” for updates from friends and family, trending videos and content, and the most current news.  Over the course of a work week, this adds up to a LOT of time wasted, which means your productivity levels drop significantly.

Not only are you less efficient when you use Facebook throughout a work day, but you are likely in a worse mood.  Oftentimes, Facebook can be mentally distracting, and can even put you out of sorts if you happen to catch sight of an update or piece of information that bothers you.  A poor mood means you are more likely to struggle with completing tasks, and again, this doesn’t look good to a boss who is monitoring hours and output.

Finally, you might want to second-guess picking up your smartphone and logging into Facebook for security and privacy reasons.  Not only could your information be at risk depending on the security of your workplace’s network, but you also stand the risk of exposing information to other coworkers or even your superiors if they catch you on social media and you didn’t realize it.  One photo, or less-than-professional post, could be very costly in not only your current job, but your career as a whole.

Overall, it’s best to leave the personal social media at home, and spend your work days focusing on WORK.  An occasional check-in over your lunch break is no big deal, but be sure that you are using company time for company purposes.  Dedication to your job will stand out to your boss and that will benefit you in the long run.  Spending your days online at home looking for that perfect job?  We are ready to help you find the career you’ve been waiting for.  PHR Staffing Solutions provides employees to companies throughout the Lakeland area, and Polk County applicants trust us to find jobs that fit their skills and needs.

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