No Experience? No Problem! How to Land the Job You’ve Been Waiting For

When you’re on the hunt for a new job, the qualifications and requirements portion of each position listing can be daunting and discouraging if you’re coming to the table with limited educational background and little or no experience in the specific field. While it’s true that education and experience are two big factors looked at by hiring staff and/or employers, that doesn’t mean you’re automatically out of the running if you don’t have those things. We have a few tips to help you feel more qualified and prepared as you head into the job search process:

  • Take advantage of online classes and local training. Even if you can’t afford to go back to school full-time, look into taking a class or two that would earn a certification in a specific field where you have interest. The investment will come back your way if you land the job you want. Additionally, look for free options to boost your resume, like CPR and First Aid classes offered with local organizations, or other courses that set you apart. These skills are actually valued by employers in all fields, and could give you an advantage.
  • Look for positions that offer on-the-job training. Many job openings boast of on-site training of a chosen applicant, and these are a great opportunity for hopeful employees with no formal training or education in their background. These types of jobs are a wonderful way to launch your career since you’ll be getting education AND experience at the same time.
  • Make yourself stand out in other areas. While you might not have a long list of educational accolades, or years of experience, you can make yourself look your very best in other areas on your resume. Have a solid list of quality references, including any previous employers, even if the jobs you worked were in a different field from the job for which you are applying. Be sure your resume is written in a professional manner, and has all of your current contact information.

Finding a job you love doesn’t have to be hard. PHR Staffing Solutions seeks to make the task of getting hired easier and faster, by doing the work for you. We handle distributing your resume, matching you with potential job openings, and setting up interviews. We offer support throughout the interview process and beyond, so you can feel confident in the hire. When you’re ready to get started with your new career, give us a call!