No Degree, No Job: Fact or Fiction? Ways to Get Hired When You Don’t Have College Credentials

If you’ve been on the job hunt any amount of time, you’ve likely come to the conclusion (like many other applicants) that finding a job without a college degree will be next to impossible. But, from a professional staffing agency’s perspective, is this true? Not exactly. While yes, it is harder to find long-lasting, higher-salaried positions without a college degree behind your name, that does NOT mean it’s impossible to establish a solid career with the chance for upward mobility and a respectable salary. When it comes to getting hired, college isn’t everything. There are ways you can land the job you’ve been waiting for without dedicating several years to earning a college education.
First, know your strengths. A college education and degree doesn’t account for all the skills you need to be a good employee and an asset to a team. Qualities such as work ethic, commitment, dependability, honesty, integrity, organization, critical thinking, and creativity can’t be taught in a classroom or a textbook. Rather, these are traits that are part of your personality, and that’s a big part of any job! Knowing your strong points (and your weaknesses) is a big part of writing a resume when you don’t have a college degree. You’ll need to be able to describe these qualities in such a way as to reflect how they would be beneficial in a career setting.
In addition to knowing your current strengths, adding to your list of qualifications by investing a small amount of time and resources into certification courses could be a good idea, depending on the job for which you are applying. Something as simple as a CPR and first aid course can give you something to boost your resume. Local colleges, libraries, and even non-profit organizations often offer free or low-cost courses in computer skills, book keeping, simple trades, etc. Getting these types of certifications show that you are motivated and willing to put in hard work to better yourself, and that goes a long way when you’re being considered by an employer.
Finally, look for job openings that offer adult-level internship opportunities or on-the-job training. These jobs give you the chance to increase your skill set and master working in a specific field, without sacrificing paid time to do so. You’re really getting to “double dip” as you earn a living and learn a trade at the same time, so they are fantastic opportunities with those hoping to break into the working world and establish a long term career.
PHR Staffing Solutions often takes on clients looking for employers who are willing to participate in on-the-job training, and we also work with companies who require very few college-level qualifications for applicants. Rather, they look for experience, references, etc., which is why when you come to us, we work closely with you to write a resume that reflects the very best YOU. Our goal is to see you reach your goals. Give us a call to get started.