Next Steps: Moving Forward with Your Job Hunt Before, During, and After Spring Break

Who’s enjoying spring Break!? We are, and with just a few short days left to go here in Polk County, we thought it was important to discuss the importance of taking a break, specifically in the midst of a job hunt or career change. While kids come back from spring break rested and refreshed, many parents don’t get that opportunity. In fact, for those who are unemployed, they probably won’t get a break at all, as they’re continuing with their job search throughout the break, leaving their kids with family, friends, or sitters to give them a chance of finally finding a position that will pay the bills and fulfill their need for work. For those who don’t have childcare options, the “break” is even more stressful, as you can’t attend job fairs, interviews, or networking opportunities with toddlers in tow. So, how can you balance spring break and your job search without being completely run down?

First, you need to do a “check-in” on any positions you applied to before the break. If possible, check their current statuses online to see if there are any changes. If you see that a position has been filled, you can take that one off your list of possibilities, and seek to replace it with another opportunity to apply for after spring break is over. If you noticed that some are still open, it could be a good idea to connect with the HR representative or the employer with an email or a phone call to show your continued interest and check the standing of your resume and application. This lets you enjoy spring break week with a “game plan” of sorts, and you can feel more confident in taking a break knowing that you are still being considered for some, and you already have a list of opportunities waiting for your application following your time off.

Along this same line, make the rounds of all the job search engines you frequent online, while on break. Even if you are taking off only a few days, many of these websites are posting jobs daily, and you could miss valuable opportunities. Go through recent posts, and if any jobs pique your interest, make note of them so you can fill out the application and get the necessary information in the hands of the HR staff overseeing the hiring process. This is easy to do at night before bed, or in the morning before you kids get up, and you won’t have to sacrifice fun “vacation” time during the day.

Finally, let yourself rest! Everyone needs time to breathe, relax, and have a little bit of fun, even in the midst of a season of unemployment. You and your family will appreciate having some quality time together without the stress of applications, interviews, phone calls, or resumes taking up your time and energy.

Feel like you’ve exhausted all of your efforts and you still can’t find the first step on your career path? PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to help you. We take your information, and match you with positions given to us by companies throughout the region, so you don’t have to worry about the footwork or the paperwork involved with applying for multiple job openings. In fact, we’ll be working even when you’re not, so you can enjoy your spring break knowing that your job hunt is still going strong. Give us a call to get started or apply for one of our openings online!