Making Your Temporary Office Work for YOU

workplace-1246677_640Filling a temporary position can be both rewarding and challenging, whether you’re in a transition from one permanent job to another, you’re waiting to see if you got said position full-time, or whether you just enjoy frequent change.  Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of being a temporary employee, regardless of the duration of your employment, is making your work space functional and pleasing.

Oftentimes, temporary employees aren’t given an entire office to themselves.  Typically, you will be set up in a cubicle space, or perhaps only at a desk in someone else’s office or in a reception area depending on the position you are filling.  However, there’s no reason your space, no matter the size, can’t work for you!

Try some of these simple tips to bring life to your work space and make it more functional and appealing when you come into the office each day.

Stay Organized.  An organized space is not only nicer to look at, but is also much more functional, especially when dealing with a small area.  If you have a cubicle, consider a few decorative boxes to offer temporary storage without a lot of bulk.  They are a great way to add a pop of color to your area, and help hide things that can “junk up” the appearance of your work area.  If you have a desk, smaller desktop storage boxes are a good way to accomplish the same goals but on a smaller scale. Additionally, desk-drawer organizers help keep small items tidy and easy to grab, which will make your life much easier the next time you need a paperclip or a pencil in a hurry.

Bring It to Life.  Add life to your desk space with framed photos, a vase of flowers, or a small piece of desktop artwork (like pottery or sculpture) that you enjoy.  Small, personal additions will reflect you in your work environment, and will give you a little bit of happiness during the hours you spend working each day.  As long as you keep it professional (and easy to carry) there’s no reason your own area can’t be brought to life for the time you spend working there.  For cubicles, wall space is a great way to bring in some visual appeal, whether it be lightweight frames filled with photos of your choice, or adhesive wall decals (these stick great to the fabric cubicle walls and can be easily removed when it’s time for you to move on).

Comfort Is Key.  Making your work space comfortable will make you more efficient in your daily tasks.  A small, easy-to-store footstool is a good way to offer leg support during the day if you spend hours at a time in a sitting position.  An ergonomic desk chair is the best seating option, but if you can’t bring in your own chair, and the one provided is terrible, there are seating pads and cushions that can be adapted to fit various types of office seats and will offer back support and comfort for long hours spent typing or filing.

We hope you can incorporate some of these tips into your next temporary office space.  If you are looking for a position, whether for a few weeks, or for the long term, give us a call.  PHR Staffing Solutions provides businesses throughout the Polk County area with the best employees available in the Central Florida region.  Our offices are located in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Lake Wales, meaning we most likely have an opening for YOU.