Matchmaker, Matchmaker: Why A Staffing Agency Is Best


Staffing agencies aren’t often at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to finding a job.  Likewise, employers don’t usually pick up the phone and call a staffing service when they find themselves needing to fill a position in their business.  This is unfortunate, since staffing agencies like PHR can save both applicants and employers time, money, and frustration when it comes to finding and filling jobs.

Staffing agencies are, in some ways, much like a matchmaking service.  We build a “profile” of applicants by taking their resume, their references, and their applications with us and blending them together to make a complete picture of the candidate’s skills, strengths, and weaknesses.  In this same way, we look at job openings with employers and take note of specific requirements for the job, the days/hours needed, and if there are any special circumstances that could use a unique skill set to best handle the position.  We can then take these “profiles” of applicants and match them up with various jobs that we think would work best for them.

The benefits of this matchmaking system in the work force are plentiful, including:

  • Employers get a “trying before buying” opportunity that they wouldn’t otherwise get with employees hired directly by the company.  This cuts down on administrative work (payroll, benefits, etc.) required for the position until they have made a decision on a permanent employee.
  • Employers save time which means they can fill a position more quickly.  By not having to go through the application and interview process themselves, employers will have someone in the office taking care of the work at hand more quickly, and if it works out well (a.k.a. the match is a success), they have been able to fill an opening in way less time than they would have by seeking applicants themselves.
  • Applicants have an “out” if the match doesn’t work out the way they were hoping,  When you apply with, interview with, and are hired by the business owner of a company, you are much less likely to feel at ease getting out if the position just doesn’t seem to fit well.  Even if you are able to pull back, there could be ramifications on your list of references with future employers since backing out can put a bad taste in many business owners’ mouths.  With a staffing agency, you are technically on “trial” until you are offered the position permanently.  That means you have the ability to easily say no and move on if you don’t mesh well with the job.

If you are currently seeking your perfect match…employment match that is…PHR Staffing Solutions is ready for you.  We provide only the best applicants for employers around the greater Polk County area of Central Florida, and with offices in Lakeland, Lake Wales, and Winter Haven there is a good chance we have the perfect job for you!