Life After The Hire: How to Handle Your Days with Your New Job

office-1548292_640We know that landing a new job is exciting, and while the job-hunting process can be full of anxiety, people rarely think about the time after a new hire being nerve-wracking.  However, getting a new job can be scary.  After all, depending on the job, you are going to have a shift in your schedule, in your activities (both work and personal) throughout the day, and you will likely have to make adjustments in your routine.  Aside from major life alterations (like arranging childcare when needed to fit a new job, rearranging your budget to fit your new salary, etc.) there are little details in your day that could be affected by your career.

So how do you handle it?

Time management is key.  Managing your time well is crucial to success in any endeavor.  With a new job, it is important to not only perform well in your position, but also outside of work in your home life with your family and friends.  Neglecting them (and yourself) will eventually catch up with you and could lead to poor function in your work environment as well.  When you know you are starting a new job, sit down and map out what your daily schedule looks like currently and then fill in your new hours.  Make adjustments as needed to be sure everything gets done (even the fun stuff!).  This will help you keep your priorities in check and prevent work from taking over your entire life.  Notice that your weekly dinner date with friends will be pushed after you work an 8 hour day?  Adjust accordingly and try to schedule a brunch on Sunday instead!  If spending time with your kids after work but still maintaining your home is a concern, try to work bedtimes to allow you to get up an hour or two sooner in the mornings, or give you a period of time after everyone else is in bed before you must go to sleep.  This quiet time when everyone else is already in bed (or hasn’t gotten up yet) is a great time to catch up on household chores, paperwork, etc. and will leave your evenings free to be with your family.

Learn to multitask and delegate.  Multitasking isn’t necessarily doing two “jobs” at one time.  Rather, it can be overlapping multiple activities in a manageable way.  For example, if you are worried about spending time with your spouse, but you also know you need to get your workout in, consider finding a form of exercise you can enjoy together during the week.  This is a great way to nurture individual time with your spouse, while still taking care of other things on your schedule.  Also consider delegating tasks to make your schedule more manageable.  Consider having your kids take care of some household chores that typically fall on you (like doing a load of laundry, taking care of dishes, etc.) or if your budget allows, you could price hiring some help with cleaning or yard maintenance if that makes your life more manageable.

Take care of YOU.  You are a priority in addition to your family and your friends.  It’s too easy to make sure you are keeping everything else in the air while juggling life, and then let yourself fall to the wayside.  Whether it’s taking 30 minutes each morning to have a cup of coffee in the quiet, going on a run in the evenings, or heading out for some pampering on the weekend, don’t forget about taking care of YOU.  That will not only help you feel better, but it will make you operate better in every other facet of your life, including your new job.

We hope this will encourage you as you head out to your new career and begin working out a new daily schedule in your own life.  If you are still on the hunt for the perfect job to start your career or if you would like to find some supplemental or temporary employment, PHR Staffing Services is here for you.  We provide top-quality employees to companies throughout the Lakeland area, and we can help you find a position that is perfect for your skill set and your desires.