Independence Day (on A Budget): Having Fun While Unemployed

We all appreciate our freedom, especially around the July 4th holiday, but if your schedule is a little too free due to unemployment, life can be hard.  It’s difficult to celebrate a day representing independence when you feel incredibly dependent upon others for your needs if you can’t afford to pay your bills, or make ends meet.  However, you DO have a reason to celebrate.  The freedom to work, to hunt for a job, and pursue your right to happiness is something to be excited about, even when you’re dealing with a season of unemployment.

So, how can you celebrate on a budget?  Here are some inexpensive (and fun) ways to party this July 4th.

Get Out And Enjoy The Community

Most towns and cities put on some type of fireworks display for Independence Day, and these are usually free to the public. Grab some favorite blankets, your lawn chairs, and pack up your favorite snacks and drinks in a cooler to enjoy a fun night out with friends at no cost.  If you have a pickup truck, pile blankets and pillows in the back and enjoy the red, white, and blue display in comfort!  Another tip: research the festivities surrounding the firework display.  Some cities (including Lakeland!) have food trucks, music, and a variety of free entertainment on site.  You can make a whole evening out of things your community is providing for no money out of pocket.

At Home Holiday

If you can’t make it out for the fireworks display, or don’t have a place to go in your area, consider making the fun happen at home.  Grab some hot dogs, chips, and sodas and grill out right on your own patio.  Sparklers are fun for people of all ages, and can be purchased for only a $1 a box (or less) at many of your local discount stores.  Outdoor games like frisbee, corn hole, or even baseball are cheap, fun, and can entertain a whole group of neighbors and friends.  Celebrate your independence as a community and come together to have plenty of FREE fun.

Group Effort

Want to throw a bigger party, but can’t afford all the fixings?  Talk to your group of friends and try to divide the party into parts that each of you can handle.  If one person handles decor, several people take on food, and another handles entertainment, it makes the cost (and work) much more manageable and spares you from having to miss out on fun with your friends due to lack of funds.

We hope you are able to step back and appreciate this July 4th for what it means, regardless of your employment or financial status.  If you’re ready to pursue that right to happiness and find a position that is perfect for you, give us a call.  PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to help you achieve your goals and make your dream of employment a reality.