First Impression DONT’s: How to Turn Off Your New Boss

When starting out at a new job, first impressions are important.  Not only do you want to fit in with your coworkers and find your place in the existing group, but you also want to stand out to your boss and/or supervisors, and make sure you establish yourself as a valuable assets within the business.  However, first impressions are tricky, and sometimes it’s easy to sabotage yourself without even realizing it.  Here are some turn-offs to your boss that you should avoid if you want to put your best foot forward in your new position.

Tardiness.  Being late to work happens to the best of us, but when it happens frequently, it puts a bad taste in the mouths of not only your employer, but also your coworkers.  You being late means some of your work load could fall on them and that’s never received well.  Perpetual tardiness appears disrespectful, irresponsible, and lazy and none of those are traits you want on your resume.  Attempt to be on time for work each day at the very least.  If you really want to stand out to your boss, try to show up 5 minutes early and be ready and waiting at your desk or in your office when the day begins.

Appearance.  Sure, we all have rough mornings where nothing goes right and you have no choice but to put on the first outfit you can grab, throw your hair into a ponytail and hit the road.  As mentioned above, lateness is frowned upon and it’s best to be on time. However, if you consistently run out of time to get ready in the mornings and show up to work looking frazzled and unkept, it doesn’t give your boss the best impression.  Being prepared for your workday includes looking the part.  Try setting an alarm 20 minutes earlier than you think you’ll need, so you allow a “buffer” of sorts for unexpected delays.  Lay out your clothing the night before, make sure keys/purse/wallet are easily accessible and look into hacks that make getting ready in the mornings easier.  For example, women who don’t have time to do a full job of hair and makeup before work in an office, but still want to appear put together, can find a 5-minute face makeup routine and some easy hairstyles that require little to no effort when getting ready.  Also, try to shop for outfits that offer plenty of mixing and matching options so you don’t have to think too hard when getting dressed for the day.  Your appearance when you walk through the door each morning at work can set the tone of how your boss sees you.

Attitude.  Sometimes we have an off day, and on those days, being cheerful, or even cordial, can come with difficulty.  If you have had little sleep, a stressful weekend, or issues going on outside of work, your attitude can take a hit.  However, having a bad attitude at work on the regular doesn’t help your employer’s opinion of you.  It can also put your job at risk if other employees, customers and clients, or supervisors complain about your sour countenance.  Do your best to wear a smile when possible, and use professional and respectful language with those you come into contact with during the day.  Having a cheerful outlook can be hard, but it’s worth it to keep people’s opinion of you positive!

We hope these tips help you put your very best impression out there when you head into your new job!  Still looking for the perfect position?  These tips apply to interview and job fairs too!  If you are ready to find the job that’s just right for you, PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to help.  Give us a call to get started!