Lunch Break: Taking The Headache Out of Lunch Packing

As a child, you likely put little thought into your lunch being provided each day. Whether your mom handed your lunch box or brown paper sack to you each morning, or you headed to the bus with a pocket full of lunch money, you didn’t have to plan ahead to know where your midday meal would come from. Fast forward to today though, and coming up with lunch during your break at work each day can be a hassle, and you might end up with a growling stomach and grouchy mood more often than you’d care to admit. It doesn’t take long to realize that buying your lunch each day adds up quickly, and gets old since you have a limited amount of options within walking/driving distance of your office. That leaves the option of packing your lunch, but that comes with its own set of problems.

So, how can you make lunch packing easier as an adult?

First, plan ahead. Most employees are crunched for time in the mornings before heading to work. That’s the least convenient time to be thinking through lunch options, pulling things together, and then packing them up to go. Take a few minutes the night prior to decide what you want for lunch, and do as much prep ahead of time as you can. This means making your sandwich and placing it in the fridge, slicing up fruit and/or veggies and pre-packaging them, chilling your water or other beverage so it’s ready to pack, etc. Doing this so all you have to do each morning is throw all of the prepared items into your lunch box with an ice pack and head out the door.
Another helpful tip when planning lunches is to allow yourself convenience. While’s it’s great to have a carefully crafted, healthy lunch, some days that’s just not possible. Have some options on hand in the fridge or freezer that are quick and easy to grab, and still tasty. This will take the headache out of making your lunch on the hard days, and will keep you from going hungry or resorting to a fast food burger (again). Leftovers are another great convenience item. When preparing dinners, try to make a little extra so you have lunch provided the next day. All you have to do is pack it up the night prior and you have a home cooked meal ready to go!

Finally, make lunch FUN. Choose a lunch box you enjoy using, and opt for some items that aren’t necessary, but make dining at work more enjoyable. Ideas include specialized containers to separate food, sauces, etc., a tumbler or mug you enjoy drinking out of each day, snacks that you look forward to, etc. Adding some fun flair into your daily lunch will motivate you to keep packing!

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