How to Retain Talent in Your Organization

PHR Staffing Solutions typically discusses finding talent for your business here on our blog, but we also recognize the importance of keeping that talent.  Retaining quality employees is important for business of all types and sizes, and while there is no set formula for staff retention, there are some ways that you can encourage your hires to stay on as long-term parts of your work family.

  • Flexible hours.  By offering a schedule with some “room” for employees to work around their personal lives and circumstances, they are much more likely to stay on long-term.  Most often, this is done by letting your staff choose to come in anytime between 7-9 AM and then work until they complete their 8 hours for the day, meaning they would then get off work between 3 and 5.  For employees with children, this is a great way to keep them long term, because they appreciate being able to work during the hours their kids are in school.  In this same way, those who might have differing circumstances could prefer to come in later, and get off later, to accommodate their other daily obligations.  Regardless of their individual needs, flexible hours are a great way to retain your employees.
  • Incentive bonuses.  These are bonuses based upon effort, whether in sales, or gaining new clients and customers.  The bonus is essentially X amount of money for every X number of clients signed on or amount of money made.  These bonuses encourage employees to work harder and smarter because the company’s success means their success as well.  It’s a win-win.
  • Referral programs.  Like a bonus, these programs offer an incentive for employees to bring in new faces, but instead of bringing them in as clients or customers, they bring them in as potential employees.  This is a great way to glean qualified applicants when you have openings within your business, since your current employees will want the referral bonus. Note: it’s wise to add the disclaimer of “no family members” when you set up this type of referral system.

Ready to find qualified applicants for your business so you can start planning for staff retention?  PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to help you fill your current openings with top-quality applicants here in the greater Polk County area.  Give us a call and let us do the hard work of recruiting for you.  We can find the talent, and you can decide how to keep them long term.  Give us a call to get started!