What NOT to Do at Your Next Interview

We have previously discussed many factors in a successful interview here on our blog, including wardrobe choices, resume writing, and even how to handle follow-up.  However, PHR Staffing Solutions also recognizes the importance of helping candidates understand what they shouldn’t do when they take a seat in the interview room.  While there aren’t necessarily hard, fast rules about handling yourself during the interview process, there are a few handy tips that will make your time in the hot seat more successful and might just leave you with a job offer.

Here are four of our top DON’Ts for your next interview:

  • Don’t chew gum.  Not only does it affect your speech and your ability to clearly pronounce words, but it can also be distracting and/or annoying to those around you.  Smacking on gum just lends an air of flippancy or carefree mentally, and while you want to be relaxed when you head into the interview, being too laid back could cost you the position.  If you’re worried about breath, or you want something to relieve stress, leave the gum at home and instead opt for breath-freshening drops or strips, or small mints that are easy to chew and swallow once your name is called.
  • Don’t use profanity.  When in an interview, watch your language!  Having a foul mouth is considered disrespectful and offensive, and it could easily cost you a job offer if you pull out choice words during a Q&A session with a potential boss.
  • Don’t answer your phone.  Calling, texting, scrolling through your newsfeed, etc. are all rude when done in an interview setting. While it’s ok to occasionally check your phone in the waiting area while listening for your name to be called, once you are in the interview space your phone needs to be turned on silent and put away.  Unless you have extenuating circumstances (family emergency or something similar), which should be explained up front, your phone shouldn’t be seen during the interview.
  • Don’t discuss politics.  No different than religion or family circumstances, your political views are not part of the interview process nor should they affect your job opportunities.  Discussing politics in an interview setting is never a good idea.  If the interviewer attempts to bring it up, politely and diplomatically turn the conversation a different way if possible.  The more you can stay neutral, the better your chances of a successful interview.

If you are in the job hunting process and are ready for successful interviews and a new career, PHR Staffing Solutions is here for you.  We match you with the perfect work opportunities based on your skill set, qualifications, and experience.  Our job is to find your job, so give us a call to get started.