No Degree? No Problem: Finding A Great Job without Higher Education

It’s a popular belief in today’s world that all “good” jobs, those with competitive pay, benefits, decent hours, and quality environment, require a college degree and extensive education.  While this can be the case in some fields, there are plenty of jobs here in the Polk County area and beyond that have good pay, solid hours and insurance, and don’t require higher education or special certifications.  Here at PHR Staffing Solutions we understand that college education can be difficult to afford, whether financially or with your time, and having a degree isn’t feasible for every high school graduate.  That’s why we strive to offer a variety of positions, from jobs that ask for full 4-year degrees from universities, to jobs that require no formal education beyond what you received in high school.

Depending on which type of work you want to do, taking the time to invest in some additional training might not be a bad idea. While that doesn’t mean a full degree necessarily, there are many positions that, while they don’t require special certifications or trainings, prioritize candidates that have “extras” on their resume.  The good news?  Oftentimes training and certifications are more affordable than a college degree, they are easier to obtain (since they are usually quicker and simpler than college courses), and they can be accumulated to give you a broad and well-rounded resume.  Sometimes these types of certifications can even be free.  It’s worth asking around at your local colleges, community centers, and among your circle of family and friends to see what is available in your area for little or no cost.  Even something as simple as CPR and First Aid certification can give you a leg up in applying for jobs!

If you are ready to get hired, regardless of your highest education level, PHR Staffing Solutions is here for you.  Browse our current openings here on our site, and apply right here online! If you have questions about a certain position, or would like more information, give us a call at our Lakeland office.  We are ready to help you find a career that fits YOU!