It’s Your First Day on The Job…Now What?

learning-preparingAfter countless hours of searching, filling out applications, tweaking resumes, and attending interviews, you have finally landed the job you want.  It’s an exciting milestone in everyone’s career when they land a sought-after position, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  However, it can be difficult to know exactly how to carry yourself on the first day as a new hire.  There are plenty of ways to mess it up, but here are some of the top turn-offs to avoid during your first day on the job…

Cell Phone Interruptions.  The last thing you want on your first day is to have your new boss and coworkers think you are shirking your duties to take phone calls, answer texts, etc.  It’s best to silence your phone while in the office, or if possible, turn it off completely, so you remain totally focused on your job.  If extenuating circumstances require you to keep your phone nearby (such as family-related needs), discuss this with your boss ahead of time to determine a solution that works for both of you.

Saying “No” to Invites.  During your first day, and even through your first couple of weeks, you are likely to be invited to lunch, or coffee, by your coworkers.  If at all possible, make an effort to go, especially when you are still establishing yourself in a new work environment.  Oftentimes, this helps you connect with those who work around you, and that can go a long way toward your success in a new position.  Save your packed lunch for after the “new-ness” wears off, and go to lunch when asked!

Being Uptight.  It’s normal to be nervous on your first day, but remember, you’re already hired.  Don’t let yourself be so uptight over impressing people or making mistakes that you forget to relax and enjoy the day.  Of course, keeping a professional appearance is important, but if you are too nervous to smile when meeting new coworkers, or your body languages exudes stiffness and apprehension, it doesn’t do much for your first impressions.  Let yourself relax, and be yourself!  After all, the real YOU is the one who was hired!

We hope these tips help make your first day on the job successful and enjoyable!  Still looking for your perfect position?  We are continually posting new openings for employers throughout Polk County, and you can apply online, or in person at our offices in Lakeland, Lake Wales, and Winter Haven.  Let us help you find the job you want.