Hit the Road: How to Vacation on a Budget

As we approach spring break, and eventually, the summer season, we know that vacation and travels will be filling the minds of many of our Polk County friends and neighbors.  If you have recently started a new job, and are just now starting to accrue some time off, or some vacation days, you might be dreaming of long, leisurely trips with your family (or by yourself!) but just can’t swing the financial portion of the trip.

There is hope for you and for your vacation!  Here are some ways to enjoy your time off without breaking the bank or staying home and feeling trapped:

Staycation.  If the best part of a vacation for you is the experience of good (out of the norm) food, relaxation, and just a general change-up of the daily routine of your life, a staycation could be the perfect “trip” for you.  It can be as simple as making a list of local attractions you’d like to finally make time to visit, or you could even book an inexpensive hotel for a night or two right in your own town.  By staying close to home, not only are you saving money on gas, mileage on your vehicle, and time, but you are also enjoying what your own local area has to offer.  If you live here in Lakeland, we think that’s a pretty great plan!  Another tip for saving on your staycation?  Book hotels for week days, since they typically have cheaper rates than weekend dates.

Crash with Family (or Friends).  If you really do want to get away, but just can’t afford the amenities, consider traveling to visit friends or family that live in an area of interest.  While it’s not great to “use” them as a hotel, many times your friend or relative will enjoy showing you around their area, which means it’s a win-win.  You get to catch up with your pal or loved one, and you get to enjoy the experiences that come along with a new place.  Hint: if you want to be a great house-guest, bring a host/hostess gift along to say thank you, or pitch in with cleaning/cooking/dishes during your stay.  You just might get invited back!

Cut Corners.  Whether it’s clipping coupons for restaurants, hotels, and attractions, or packing your meals instead of eating out, cutting corners is a great way to travel and vacation without blowing your budget.  Facebook and other social media outlets are a great way to keep up with current coupons or specials being offered by locals, or you can always look up sites that help you find current deals for anything from a meal at a specific dining establishment to a full-day excursion.  Whatever your style is, attempt to cut out some of the smaller costs associated with your trip, and you’d be surprised how it adds up.

We hope you get to enjoy your vacation time this year, even if it’s staying right here in beautiful Florida.  However, if you’re still searching for the perfect job, we understand the frustration of feeling like every day is a vacation that you don’t want!  PHR Staffing Solutions is here to help you find a position that is perfectly suited for your qualifications and desires.  Give us a call or apply for one of our current openings, so you can enjoy working each day, and being your own countdown to vacation time!