What To Do When You DON’T Get The Job

As much as PHR loves to see our applicants land their perfect job, we know that sometimes a candidate won’t get the job, and that’s a tough blow to deal with if you are the potential employee in question.  While you always hope for the best, and should go into interviews and the application process with confidence that you will get the position, it’s also important to know how to respond when you don’t.

First, until you get the concrete word that you are hired for a specific job, never stop filling out applications.  Continually filling out applications means you are keeping your name circulating and that increases your chances of getting hired.  If you fill out a few applications, and then sit around waiting on a phone call or letter letting you know that you did/didn’t get an interview without continuing to search for more openings, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities for work. Always keep applying until you are hired. It’s better to turn down interviews than not have enough.

Additionally, when you get word that you didn’t get a specific job, don’t just ignore the letter/phone call in frustration. Accept the response, and then offer a thank-you, whether through email, phone, or in a handwritten note, for the opportunity to apply for the job.  Thanking a company for their consideration stands out, and while you might not have gotten the position with them at this point, it could heighten your chances if they have other openings in the future.

Finally, use your time of waiting wisely.  During the time of filling out applications and going through interviews, use free time to pursue additional training or certifications that could increase your marketability for jobs, or to volunteer with local organizations and/or events.  Adding these things to your resume can continue to move you up in your chances of landing a job, and it the case of volunteering, it benefits those around you as well!

If you are continuing the job, PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to partner with you in finding the perfect position for YOU. We will consider your qualifications, desires, and the needs of our current openings, and match you with jobs that will be the best fit for you and the potential employer.  Give us a call for more information, or apply for one of our current openings here on our site.