Treat Your Beloved on a Budget: Tips for a Wonderful (Cheaper) Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday, full of love for those around us.  Specifically, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your special someone, whether that be a spouse, a fiance, or a boyfriend/girlfriend.  No matter who it is, it’s important to take the time to show them how much you care on this big day.  Unfortunately though, this holiday can also be full of pressure for you to buy expensive gifts, fancy dinners out, and extravagant dates to keep up with the latest trends.  If you are currently out of work, a tight budget could make you feel inadequate, and you might worry that your significant other won’t feel loved or appreciated enough if you can’t fork out a handful of cash for the big day.

So, how can you celebrate a meaningful and fun Valentine’s Day on a budget?

Go DIY.  Taking the time to make something for someone shows that you not only thought of them, but that you also invested time and energy to make sure they felt special.  From a simple handmade card, to a bundle of handmade gifts like “coupons” (for back rubs, breakfast in bed, a car wash, etc.), you can’t go wrong by making something for your sweetie.

Quality Time.  Who said you have to enjoy a fancy dinner out to have a good time on Valentine’s evening?  Turn down the lights, turn on some music, and enjoy preparing a Valentine feast together.  If you want to splurge, you can always grill out steaks, throw in some baked potatoes and toss a salad, but if you would prefer to keep a tighter budget, there are plenty of creative, delicious recipes online that are sure to impress your love.  Not only will you have the memories of a wonderful dinner together, but you’ll also have the memories of making it!

Hint: go big on the dessert. It’s worth it!

Be a “deal shopper”.  Groupon,, and other value sites are great ways to find bundles for dinners/activities/excursions on Valentine’s Day, and throughout the whole week.  You can get a significant discount on these things, making impressive dates affordable.  Other ideas include clipping coupons for local restaurants that are hosting Valentine dinners at a special price or looking for free activities going on for the holiday (like free outdoor concerts, art galleries, etc.).

We hope these ideas help you enjoy your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day without being uptight about your budget.  If you are unemployed and seeking a jumpstart, or a change, in your career, PHR is ready for you.  We are hiring for a plethora of open positions throughout the greater Polk County area right now, and you can apply online instantly under our Jobs page here on our site.  Don’t miss out!