Furloughs and Your Career: Things to Consider During a Temporary Layoff

As COVID-19 has spread across the US and required the shutdown of all businesses for varying periods of time, many employees are finding themselves temporarily furloughed or let go altogether. For those who are let go, the answer for what to do next is clear: get out and find another job. For those who are furloughed though, it’s a little more hazy. They technically aren’t “fired” as they could very likely have their job resume once the economy reopens. However, they’re left without pay for the time during which they are furloughed, and that’s not a feasible lifestyle for those who have ongoing living expenses. 
What then, should you do if you have been furloughed from your job during this time? 
First, we encourage you to trim your expenses down as much as possible. By reducing your routine costs, you might be able to stretch your budget farther than you otherwise would, and that could buy you just enough extra days to allow your job to reopen again. Areas you can look at for cutting spending are entertainment, unneeded clothing and accessory purchases, eating out, and excessive technology usage. For areas that you can’t cut, look for ways to save while you shop. Coupons, weekly sale ads, and store rewards are great ways to make your dollars go farther until your paycheck is up and running again. 
Secondly, don’t remove yourself completely from your job. If possible, check in with coworkers and superiors when you can, even if it’s nothing more than to offer a word of encouragement, Keeping your name and face at the forefront of their minds could be an important part of you being brought back on first when doors open again. 
Finally, don’t look at your furlough as a vacation. You aren’t guaranteed that your job will reopen again, and if you’re vacationing during this time, you’ll be left scrambling when you find out that a furlough has suddenly turned into unemployment. Use your days to update your resume, invest in further training, education, and experience when possible, and keep your eyes on other potential job opportunities so you’re ready if and when the need comes. 
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