Benefits of Being Bilingual: How A Second Language Can Help You Get Hired

Today, being bilingual has become very beneficial, and sometimes necessary, asset to job applicants, specifically those in and around Polk County since we live in a diverse area of Florida where a multitude of languages are present. Businesses want to be capable of serving a wide range of clients and customers, and having more than one language represented among their staff helps them achieve that goal.  While some college graduates choose a second language as part of their course of studies, other potential employees come from a bilingual background, and in many cases, English is actually their second language.  Regardless of how you came to know two (or more) languages, here’s how it can help you when it’s time to enter a career:

It makes you more marketable and sets you apart.  Being bilingual is a request, or even a requirement, in many job openings, including two that are currently available with PHR!  Having a secondary language in addition to English automatically puts you in the running for these positions. Having “bilingual” on your resume means your marketability goes up and leaves you ahead of the initial wave of applicants unable to boast that particular skill.

It expands your horizons.  Being bilingual means you have more job opportunities at your fingertips, since there are jobs from right down the street, to halfway around the world, looking for applicants that speak multiple languages.  Instead of being limited to a very localized type of position, you are eligible for a career far outside of your city, state, or even country.

It makes you better at your job.  Being bilingual doesn’t only affect your skill in speaking.  Because you have to navigate between two or more sets of vocabulary and grammar, your brain is wired to multitask, and that is a huge benefit in the working world.  Additionally, being bilingual can improve your “people skills” since you are more sensitive to other cultures and those that might have a hard time navigating in an “english only” environment.

If you speak a second language, highlight your bilingual skill on your resume!  If you’re currently looking for a job, bring that resume to us and let us partner with you in finding a position that meets your desires and matches your qualifications.  Currently, PHR is recruiting for two separate positions requiring bilingual skills here in Polk County. Find it with our jobs listings here on our site, or apply for one of our other current openings, and get hired with PHR Staffing Solutions.