Employers Want A Healthier YOU: 3 Tips for Weight Loss Without Working Out

If you’ve recently landed a new job, chances are you are still adjusting to a new schedule and routine, and you probably don’t have much time for “extras” like working out during your week.  Unfortunately, you can easily burn out if you feel like you aren’t taking care of yourself, and that won’t help you or your new boss.  Employers prefer workers who are well-rested, and preferably, in healthy shape. Healthy employees mean fewer sick days, more efficiency, and overall better performance for the company.  While we don’t have some magic formula to melt away pounds, we are giving you some tips and tricks to help you lose weight more efficiently and faster, even with your crazy new schedule.  Like the title says, no workout is required for you to see results from these ides, BUT, you will definitely get better results if you combine these suggestions with a sensible diet and moderate, regular exercise of some sort (even if it’s power-walking around the parking lot on your lunch break!).

So, how can you support yourself in your journey toward lower weight and better health?  Try these three tips to get you started on the right track:

  1. Cut out all sugary drinks such as sodas, fruit juices, and fancy coffees (like the ones with more whipped topping and caramel than actual coffee).  These hinder your progress toward your weight goals.  These drinks often contain more sugar than a dessert, yet you sip them along with your meal, or during your morning commute, without ever thinking of them as such.  While they might be ok as an occasional treat, if you really are serious about shedding some pounds, you need to say goodbye to these and trade them out for water instead.
  2. Get in your H2O.  The average human should be drinking 8 8oz. glasses of water per day.  That’s 64 oz. total!  While it seems like more than you can handle in a day, if you break it down into increments, and trade your sodas and other drink choices (see above), you can actually get in there recommended water quite easily.  If you prefer flavor, fresh fruit, a splash of citrus (like a squeeze of lemon or lime), or flavor enhancers are great options.  Note: Aim to have at least one glass of water before each meal.  Doing so will make you feel full more quickly, so you’ll be less likely to overeat (and more likely to get in your daily ounces!).
  3. Pack in the veggies.  Specifically, increase your intake of low-carbohydrate vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, celery, spinach, etc.  Try to limit or eliminate simple carbohydrates (like most breads, pastas, and sweets) and aim for more protein and vegetables to fill the gaps in your diet.  Doing so will not only improve your health, but help you burn pounds off more easily and more quickly.

We hope this helps you feel confident in beginning your weight loss plan.  Your health is important, and we are glad you’re making the choice to take care of it.  Even if your boss never knows about your journey toward a better you, we guarantee that your efforts will pay off at home, at work, and in every area of life.  If you are still looking for a job to fulfill your career goals, PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to help you with that too!  We are continually adding openings in and around the Polk County area, and you can apply right here on our site.  Our goal is to see you meet your goals, and get hired in a position you love.