#1 Candidate: Give Yourself A Leg Up in The Recruiting Process

When you are hunting for a job, chances are you will be competing against many people vying for the same position.  Each detail on your resume could make the difference between being passed over to being picked for the job.  While there are many things you can do to make yourself more appealing to employers, there are a few key things to strive for when heading into the world of recruiting and applications:

First, strive for as many certifications, trainings, and overall experience as you can possibly get.  Take classes in your field, make sure you stay current on any active certifications or licenses, and if you can get verified experience through volunteer hours, or as an intern, be sure you keep all paperwork logging that time on record.  These items, when listed on a resume, not only give you a varied and unique resume, but they also show that you are competent and well-learned in your area of work, and that is what potential bosses are looking for.

Another factor in the hiring process is your criminal history.  Most employers request a background check on applicants, and if your history is dotted with not-so-wonderful moments of butting heads with the law, it could leave you being picked over again and again by HR staff.  These red flags on your resume and background check follow you for years, so the best way to avoid these issues is by shaping up and staying out of trouble during your younger years.  If you do have some things you aren’t proud of in your history, and they show up on your background check, it’s best to be upfront and honest with potential employers.  Trying to hide it will neither erase it off the records, nor will it help your case with employers since it looks as if you are willing to lie when it benefits you.  That is a trait that NO hiring department or boss is looking for.

Finally (and this one is pretty standard), keep your driver’s license!  It might seem silly, but excessive speeding tickets, and brushes with the law, etc. are all reasons your license could be suspended or taken away.  Not having a valid driver’s license not only makes it difficult for you to report to a job each day (or night), but it could also cost you job opportunities.  Many positions here at PHR require a driver’s licenses as part of the qualification process.

If you are in the middle of a job hunt, PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to help you.  We can match you with potential jobs that meet your current qualifications and desires, which means you and the employers we work with will be happy.  If you’re ready to get hired, give us a call for more information or apply for one of our recent openings online!