After You’ve Been Hired: How to Help Your Company Grow

So, you’ve got the call, you went through the interview, and now you’ve made it through the first few weeks on the job?  If you’re like most new employees, you are actively seeking out ways to impress your new boss, and not only keep your current position, but hopefully move “up the ladder” over time.  One of the best ways to make your mark on your new office is by taking the growth of the business as your own personal challenge.  Even if you have nothing to do with the marketing and/or management of the company, it stands out to an employer if they see you taking the effort to help their name get out in the community.

So how can you support business growth of your employer’s company?

“Like” your job.  By “like” of course, we don’t just mean enjoy your career, although that’s important.  We’re talking about social media platforms, specifically those that let you like, follow, subscribe, etc. chosen pages.  Support as much of your company’s online presence as possible by liking and sharing posts, and occasionally (if applicable) linking them over to your personal page for greater exposure.  If your current employer doesn’t have these outlets, consider mentioning them to him or her as a possibility for business growth.  It’s a great way to show that you have made a personal investment in your job.

Recruit for your company.  Encourage family, friends, and other contacts to apply for any openings that come up within the company.  Using you as a referral looks great for your own resume since it shows motivation and involvement with the business (and let’s face it, the referral bonus sometimes given is a perk!) and an employer that sees your name popping up often is more likely to remember you when they are ready to make promotions within the business.

Attend networking events on behalf of the business.  Occasionally your boss could ask you to this, but even if they don’t, consider hitting up local networking events and professional gatherings that are open to the public on behalf of your boss and your company.  If there are business cards or flyers that represent your employer, take them with you!  The more exposure you can give, the better, since that will grow the “brand” of your employer within the local area and over time that leads to growth.

If you are currently unemployed or are ready to make a change in your own career, PHR Staffing Solutions will stand beside you to make it happen.  We fill positions for businesses throughout the greater Lakeland area and beyond, and with additional locations in Winter Haven and Lake Wales, we are accessible to the majority of local Polk County applicants.  Give us a call or visit our site for current openings and to apply.