Employee Morale and Connection: How to Develop Unity and Team Spirit Among Your Staff

As an employer, running your business takes much of your time, energy and resources. Once you’ve filled your staffing needs, it can be easy to sit back and manage from a distance, only stepping in when things go awry, or when assistance is needed with a project or work task. However, a group of employees simply getting through the day with little to no connection with you (or each other) will not only mean your business can’t run at its most efficient, but it also leaves you with a staff that has little morale, and aren’t invested in the company as a team.

Thankfully, there are ways you can avoid this disconnection with little to no effort on your part! Even better? You just might find yourself having a good time as you try to improve the work environment and team spirit among your staff. Try these ideas if you’re feeling like the office is a little bland lately, or if there’s dissension in the ranks…

  • Make sure everyone is on the same page. Nothing will cause disunity more than a group of employees who are unsure of schedules, meetings, parties, office events, etc. If one person knows about an upcoming event but another hasn’t heard anything about it (even if it was by accident) it can lead to feelings being hurt or the assumption of partiality in the staff. A staff calendar posted clearly and updated often, a weekly / monthly newsletter emailed out to all employees, or even a verbal “calendar” of sorts during a weekly meeting is a good way to make sure everyone is aware of what’s going on and feel ready to tackle it as a group.
  • Invest in your staff. Taking time to get to know your staff, beyond just stamping a time sheet and writing out their check every pay period, can be a huge part of developing unity in the work place. Know that an employee has a birthday coming up? Take time to grab a box of donuts or a tray of coffees to celebrate with everyone in the office! In this same way, recognizing major life events of your staff such as engagements, weddings, births, etc. goes a long way in not only making them feel more personally connected to you as a boss, but also to each other as the celebration typically extends into others in the office as well. Small amounts of effort go a long way!
  • Intentionally plan time together outside of the office. This is not meant to be a regular obligation, but rather, something done maybe 2 or 3 times each year. Staff Christmas parties, summer BBQs or picnics, a New Years Eve bash, Super Bowl parties, etc. are all great ways to gather your staff (and their plus one if desired) and enjoy some recreational time not related to work. Again, this builds personal connection among everyone in the work place and will actually go a long way in making your team more unified as they do their jobs each day.

Employers value quality staff, and we know that, which is why we wanted to offer these tips and tricks to help you enhance your current office environment. Still building your staff? We are here to help you. From temporary vacancies or long-term positions that need to be filled quickly, PHR Staffing Solutions is the answer for Polk County business owners. We work closely with you to determine exactly what you need in an employee, and then we seek to match you with quality applicants who are employed by us, to give you a “trial run” of sorts without the commitment. If you like what you see after their probation time on the job, you can make the full time hire and move forward! Give us a call and see how we can help you save time and money by filling job openings with PHR Staffing Solutions.