Can Taking a Break Put the Brakes on Getting Hired?

When on the hunt for employment, every application, resume send-off, and interview matters. Competition is high in the current job market, and employers have the benefit of being very selective when hiring for openings in their staff. We understand though that the job hunt and application process is long and hard, and can be very draining, and it’s easy to take any opportunity that comes your way for a break. With this week marking the 4th of July, and many businesses closing for the day to recognize the holiday, applicants find it easy to also take the day off. Could this end up hurting your chances of getting hired though?

While taking the day off on Independence Day won’t necessarily mark the doom of your entire job hunt, it could actually delay a hire and draw out the process for you. When it comes to seeking out and applying for jobs, every day counts. New jobs are being posted daily by companies in our area, and thanks to high competition, those employers can end up with a huge influx of resumes and applications in a matter of hours. This leads to them often closing the position after only a short amount of time so as to not get overwhelmed with sorting through the names and contact information of various applicants. That means if you miss out on the window because you were taking a break, you could have lost out on your chance at a great opportunity.

Additionally, taking the day off means you won’t be checking emails or response messages to applications you may have already turned in. Failing to respond could send the wrong message to a potential employer or HR staff member, and isn’t the ideal way to put your best foot forward. Prompt response and action look good when you’re trying to land a job of any kind and can give you the “edge” you need to get the job.

While we encourage you to spend time with family and friends this 4th of July holiday, it’s worth taking the time to think through your job search at the same time! Take a few minutes to check messages in the morning or at night, respond as needed, and go through your favorite online sources for job openings and current employment opportunities so you don’t miss anything…OR, have someone do it for you! That’s right, PHR Staffing Solutions manages your hiring process for you, so you can continue with life and never miss out on an opportunity to land the job you’re looking for. Apply with us, and we do the rest. Learn more or view our current openings right here on our site, or on our Facebook page! We look forward to working with you. Have a happy and safe Independence Day!