Find the Right Fit: Using a Staffing Service When It’s Time to Hire

“Why do I need a staffing agency? Can’t I (or my HR person) take care of hiring for our company?” Many business owners ask this question when approached with the suggestion of outsourcing their hiring for vacancies in their staff. They believe they save money by not paying a staffing agency, and instead, seeking out, interviewing, and hopefully hiring new employees without a “middle man.” Most assume that the middle man will cost them more in the long run, and that it’s less expensive and more efficient to opt for DIY hiring. We understand that you want to make the most lucrative decisions for your business in every area, including staffing openings in your company. However, assuming that doing it yourself is cheaper and easier is actually incorrect.

A staffing agency, like PHR Staffing Solutions, actually seeks to save you both time and money when searching for new employees. We find the top-rated applicants in the Polk County area, and narrow them down to the very best options for you. During this time, you’re left to run your business and continue growing and making profit without using valuable work time on sorting through applications and resumes, calling those who have potential, scheduling interviews,etc. Behind the scenes, we are calling applicants, taking care of background checks, conducting interviews, etc. Once we’ve narrowed down the best matches for your opening, you choose who gets the job and they start whenever you’re ready. However, you don’t have the headache of adding them to payroll, taking care of tax/insurance information, etc. Technically, they are working for you, but they are hired by us for the first weeks on the job. Consider it a sort of “trial run.”

After the set period – usually 90 days, if you are satisfied with the employee and their work (and they wish to continue), you have the choice to hire them on as your own. If they have failed to meet the requirements, you simply let us know. We take care of letting them go, and then will continue to assist you in filling the position until you find someone who is perfect for the job.

How exactly though, does this translate into time savings for you and more money in your pocket?

First, you only have to give us the info regarding the position you need to fill and the requirements for the job, and we take care of the rest. Time is money when you own and operate a business, and we recognize that.

Additionally, you save time by not wasting your efforts on employees that don’t work out. If you do your own hiring, you might go through several employees before you find the right fit. That means repeating paperwork for payroll, contracts, and other documentation. With a staffing agency like PHR, all payroll and paperwork is handled by us for the first 90 days. You only have to worry about paperwork once you’ve made a final decision and know the employee will be a long-term member of your staff.

Finally, you save money since you aren’t paying for insurance on employees that might not be permanent, and aren’t required to provide them with benefits while they are on temporary status. Again…they’re putting the hours in for you, but they are technically employed by PHR Staffing Solutions until the trial period is over and you’ve made a final decision.

So, will you actually save time and money by doing your own hiring? Probably not. Instead of wondering, why not give PHR a call? We are happy to answer any remaining questions, offer advice about how to best handle your own staffing needs, and if you choose, partner with you to fill openings in your business quickly and easily. With offices in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Lake Wales we make it easy and convenient for you to work with us. We’re ready and waiting to help!