Briefcase Checklist…Pandemic Style!

With COVID-19 upending many of our normal practices in life and changing the way we do work, school, and even grocery shopping, it’s no wonder that people are questioning what interviews will look like now that business are reopening and are already to hire again. We thought it would be fun to think about what an in-person interview might look like following the pandemic, and how you can prepare for it. 
Keep this “briefcase checklist” handy when you’re ready to pack up the briefcase and head to a post-pandemic interview (or when you just need a chuckle)…

  • Hand sanitizer. This goes unspoken. If you’re not using at least a bottle a day, you’re not using it enough. Bonus points if it has the special holder that clips it onto the handle of your satchel or briefcase! 
  • A mask. If they’re wearing one, you better do the same. 
  • Breathmints. Do this one for yourself…after all, you’ll be smelling your own breath behind that mask.
  • Cleaning wipes. After the interview, you go to the car for a mandatory desensitization of your phone, your briefcase handle, your pen, and any other surface that might have been in contact with another surface in the office. 
  • A digital version of your resume that you can text, Email, or AirDrop on the spot. No one wants your germs on your printed paper resume.

This should make up a very successful interview bag for your next in-person meeting during your job search. While we wanted to add a little humor and bring a smile, some of these ideas might actually work well for you when it’s time to head into the interview room! If you have questions about what to expect from your own interview, or need help jumping into the job search process. PHR Staffing Solutions is here for you. From start to finish, we walk you through the process of getting hired, and can’t wait to see you land a job you love. Call for more info or apply online!