After The Interview: Make A Great Impression, No Matter The Result

An interview might seem like “the end of the line” if you have been job hunting for a long period of time, but it really is just the beginning of making a good impression on potential, and hopefully future, employers.  Of course, getting to the interview takes plenty of preparation, not the least of which is analyzing and re-analyzing your resume, your personal appearance, and your speaking mannerisms.  However, after you’ve had your time in the ‘hot seat’ with the HR staff and/or the boss, you can take a few steps farther to be sure you are always ready for what comes next, whether it’s a job offer or the go-ahead to keep looking for a different opportunity.

Use Your Manners.  Just because the interview is over, your practice of good manners doesn’t end with your final handshake before leaving the office.  Follow-up is critical for job applicants, and whether you choose a handwritten thank-you note for the opportunity to interview, or a more informal approach with an email sent to the boss and/or HR staff who walked you through the process, you should always offer some type of appreciative follow-through contact following a job interview.

Look Your Best.  The interview isn’t the only time to dress the part.  Be prepared for the call that you finally landed the job you want, and have a few work-appropriate outfits on hand.  There is no need to blow your budget.  A few simple, staple items that can be mixed and matched are perfectly acceptable, and will give you a boost of confidence when you step into the workplace on your first day.

Keep Hunting.  Until you have the phone call offering the position and your contract is signed, you should never stop your job hunting process.  Just because you feel great about the outcome of an interview, curveballs can still come your way and if you aren’t continually keeping up with applying for and pursuing opportunities, you could miss out on some wonderful openings. Even after a seemingly successful interview, keep your name circulating and continue to fill out applications.  The worse that could happen is you’ll have to turn down an interview for one of them because you already got hired!

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