Fall and Feeling Your Best: How to Prepare for The Coming Cold and Flu Season Amidst COVID-19

As we prepare to head into Fall, parents are usually preparing themselves for the horde of colds and sickness that will come into their home from their school-aged kids. School (or daycare) is associated with sickness, which would leave many people who don’t have kids in school feeling pretty safe about their health this season. The workplace too can be risky when it comes to germs and sickness, and in years past would have been another major source of illness in a household. This year however, things look a little different. Now that a pandemic has taken our world by storm, the regular cold and flu season might not look as threatening as it has in years past. What’s more, the usual risk factors like school and office work are being mitigated with stay at home orders and online learning/teleworking whenever possible. However, that’s not a reason to get relaxed about germs! 

Here are some tips to stay healthy this Fall even when doing life at home, and how to protect your family from many viruses, COVID included: 

Back to the Basics. As a child, you were likely drilled on washing your hands frequently with soap AND warm water, covering your nose/mouth when you sneeze/cough, etc. While it might seem repetitive at the time, these tips are vital to staying healthy, no matter your age. Most sickness comes from picking up germs by touching surfaces, and then transferring them to your nose/mouth/eyes where they can get into your body and give you a nice little (or big) cold or virus. By washing your hands regularly you are protecting yourself from the germs of others, and by covering when you sneeze or cough, you’re keeping others from getting your germs.

Stay Home. We understand that you don’t have unlimited days off at work, and not everyone is able to work from home. However, it’s vital that you DO stay home, and in the midst of this current situation in our country, your employer has to work with you for the safety of all involved. Staying home means you keep COVID or the cold/flu inside your own house, and protects other employees within your workplace from catching whatever it is you have. Your boss will appreciate you more by staying home and keeping the rest of the staff well, than you coming in and spreading it to the entire office or workplace, leaving them with more and more employees quarantined for weeks at a time and unable to work. 

Wear your Mask. This one is self-explanatory. That little tip about covering your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze? A mask does it for you, and it never forgets. What’s more, it catches any germs spread through regular talking, laughing, etc., preventing the spread of your own germs when you do have to go out and about. 

Practice Healthy Habits. It’s easier to prevent sickness than it is to heal after the fact. By practicing healthy habits you can decrease your likelihood of catching things this season, and means you’ll have a healthier immune system and you’ll feel better too! Make diet choices that are beneficial to your health, by packing in lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, and limit your intake of sugars and processed foods. Do your best to get in physical activity each day, even if it’s just a brisk walk around the parking lot of your office, or down your own street, on your lunch break, and try to get your 8 hours of sleep each night whenever possible. Proper rest helps your body fight things off, and it also makes you feel (and perform) better at work each day.

We hope you enjoy a healthy Fall season and that your household stays free from COVID! If you’re still looking for the perfect position and are currently unemployed, PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to help. We work with you to find job openings that match your current skills and qualifications, so you’ll be the perfect fit from the moment you walk in the door!