Not Today COVID: Kick Your Habit, Save Your Health

Smoking is a hot topic (no pun intended) lately with lung health and the threat of COVID-19 looming. It has become the focus of many conversations regarding how sickness can (and does) affect those who smoke, and in the workplace, employers and staff alike are discussing how a business should handle employees who have this habit. Currently, when it comes to smoking on the job, employers vary on the subject.  Some tolerate smoking in designated areas only, some require no smoking while on the grounds but don’t care what you do in your free time, and others strictly prohibit smoking and encourage their staff to kick the habit.  These types of bosses usually don’t tolerate the smell of smoke in your hair or clothes, having poor teeth or foul breath, etc. so continuing the habit even away from work could harm your relationship with your boss and with coworkers. Now that Coronavirus has people thinking hard about their health, and how to give themselves the best odds of beating it should they contract the sickness, smoking is frowned upon even more as a risk factor that just isn’t necessary. In addition to putting you at higher risk if you get COVID, it also increases your chances of heart disease, cancer, and issues with your mouth, throat, and teeth as you get older.
If you are starting a new job and attempting to kickstart your career, why not kick the old habit of smoking to the curb? There’s no better time! With dedication and hard work, you can stop smoking, and instead embrace habits that help your health instead of harm it.  Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Partner up.  Know someone else attempting to kick their bad habit, whether smoking or otherwise?  Partner up (from a distance of course!) to hold one another accountable. Having an accountability partner is a great way to make sure you stick to your plan, even when the temptation is high. Calling, texting, or even video conferencing on a daily basis is a good way to stay on the path and meet your goals since you can count on being asked how you’re doing by your accountability pal
  2. Trade out your smoking habit for a healthier alternative.  For example, take up walking/running on your work breaks instead of sitting outside and having a cigarette.  You could also take up an art or craft hobby (like knitting, sewing, sketching/painting, etc.) to keep your hands busy when the desire for a smoke comes up.
  3. Try alternatives.  To help wean you off of nicotine (the addictive substance found in cigarettes), there are many options for patches, chewing gum, etc. that give you small doses to help wean you off your addiction.  These are helpful if you are used to smoking many cigarettes each day and are suffering withdrawal symptoms.
  4. Save your cash!  Cigarettes are expensive, and you likely don’t even realize how much of your money earned goes into feeding your habit.  Instead of spending the money on cigarettes, find out how much you are spending on smoking each week, and then throw that money into a savings account instead.  Promise yourself to use the money for a vacation when we can travel again, a big-ticket item, or something else you have wanted but couldn’t afford to do because of your smoking addiction.

We hope these tips benefit you as you start your journey to becoming a non-smoker and prepare for the start of your career.  Is unemployment staring you in the face in the wake of COVID-19 and its effect on the economy? We can help you with that too.  Simply give us a call to learn more about PHR’s solution to staffing openings throughout the greater Polk County area, and how you could be the perfect fit for one of them.  All you have to do is apply right here on our site, and we do the rest!

Good luck in kicking your habit, and kickstarting your new career, and working you way toward a healthier YOU!