Mother’s Day 2020: Celebrating Your Mom in New Ways

As Mother’s Day looms on the horizon, many of us are reflecting on our moms and what they mean to us. Perhaps this year, more than ever, we are grateful for them as nurturers, as a steady hand in our lives, and as the calm we look to in the craziness that has seemed to take over all of our lives in the recent weeks. We celebrate wives, daughters, friends, aunts, sisters, and other women who hold the role of being a mother or are a matriarchal figure on Mother’s Day, and take time to thank the ones who offer the care and compassion we crave every day of the year. This year though, the celebrations will likely look a little different than they have in the past. For those who have lost their mother or mother-figure in the past year, we see you and send our thoughts your way as you grieve that loss this Mother’s Day. For those who still have their mom or are celebrating a mother this May, we have a few ideas to help you make them feel special despite the circumstances that may keep you from giving them a big hug and enjoying face-to-face time with them like you have in the past. 
This year, make the mothers in your life feel appreciated by: 

  • Having something delivered! Flowers, chocolates, something they’ve been eyeing on Amazon, or even a card lets them know you were thinking of them and took time to make sure they were recognized. Most of these services are continuing to offer their normal delivery options and can safely make sure your gift arrives with little to no risk for anyone involved. 
  • Make your mom dinner…sort of. While you can’t have your mom over to cook for her, or take a meal to her home to enjoy together, you can still surprise her by providing dinner (or lunch, or breakfast) on Mother’s Day. One option is cooking a meal, packaging it to go, and then delivering it to her front porch. A “ding-dong-ditch” approach is being used by many to celebrate birthdays, graduations, births, and more right now, and Mother’s Day is no exception. Leave the basket or box on her doorstep with a fun car, ring the doorbell, and then move back to a safe social distance unit she opens the door. You can still appreciate her surprise and joy, but with no risk to you or to her. Another fun idea? Send a gift card to a favorite restaurant that offers delivery or curbside pickup, or send her a card to a food delivery service like Doordash. Then she can pick and choose when and where she wants to eat for her special day. 
  • Set up a time to video call. While a regular phone call is fine, if you can manage a Zoom call, a FaceTime chat, or a Skype session with your mom, it’s sure to make her day. It’s a great time to enjoy seeing grandkids, nieces, nephews, in-laws, and other family members who are there to celebrate via technology. A “virtual hug” is better than no hug at all! 

We hope these ideas inspire you to plan ahead and think about how you’ll be celebrating the mothers in your life this year. We look forward to when we can celebrate our holidays and milestones together as family and friends again, but until then, we will continue to come up with safe and effective ways to make the most of this time without sacrificing the fun and memory-making. Know that we are here continuing to serve you online or over the phone, and we’re just a phone call away if you have questions or concerns. Stay safe!