Whatever The Weather: Dressing for A Rainy Workday

After a couple of months of drought here in Central Florida, this week’s plentiful rain is welcome, and we’re all enjoying the sight of our trees, flowers, and grass turning green and growing once again.  However, the rainy weather can make it difficult when getting dressed for work each morning, particularly if you work in an office setting and are required to wear professional or business casual dress.  While we can’t turn away the rain we do have some tips to make weathering the weather a bit easier as you head into the workplace.

  1. Remember the basics.  Don’t forget your umbrella when you head out the door each morning.  If you have a hard time with this, consider purchasing a small, travel sized umbrella that will fit in your purse or briefcase.  Since you’ll always need your bag, you’ll never be without your umbrella!
  2. Take a change of shoes.  Oftentimes, your work shoes will be of a dressier variety, and that doesn’t blend well with muddy conditions or splashing through puddles.  It might be worthwhile to throw on your rain boots until you get into the office, and then switch them out for your work shoes.  This will prevent the unfortunately feeling of wet socks, hose, or dress tights that come from rainwater splashing into your work shoes.
  3. Cover up.  While you likely don’t need a jacket for warmth during June in Florida, a lightweight rain jacket can be a great purchase for those who work in an office.  Having a waterproof layer to slip on over your dressy clothes as you head to and from the car is very helpful, and it protects your workwear from water spots, and from getting damp and annoying you for the first half of your work day.  Look for a rain jacket that zips up high on the neck to keep water from seeping in around your collar, and make sure the length is enough to keep water off of the majority of your outfit.  If you continually forget your umbrella (see above), a rain jacket with a hood could be a good investment!
  4. Have a backup.  During this rainy season in Polk County, it might be worth having a spare shirt, pair of socks, or even a full change of clothes in your car or at the office, especially if you have a bit of a walk to get to work.  If you park in a public garage, or on the street, and have to walk a block or two to get to your building, a heavy rain could be your downfall (no pun intended) if you aren’t prepared.  By having a change, you know you always have backup if things go awry.

We hope these tips help keep you high and dry on your commute to work this summer!  If your job hunt is coming up high and dry though, it’s not nearly as nice.  PHR Staffing Solutions can help with that too!  We work with companies throughout the Central Florida area to fill their staffing needs with our recruiting services.  Give us a call for more information, or apply for one of our current openings online!