Right Shoes at The Right Time: Choosing Work Appropriate Footwear

While picking out a “work appropriate” wardrobe, it can be easy to get lost in the world of blazers, slacks, chinos, blouses, and dress shirts and completely forget about what you’ll be slipping onto your feet each day.  While most people won’t be eyeing your feet first, the shoes you choose for your job can have a huge impact on your performance, and your mood!  So, how do you go about making sure your tootsies are prepared for the long hours in the office, on the warehouse floor, or at the evening dinner party hosted by your boss?

We have some tips just for you.

Beware of The Situation.  Knowing what type of situation you are headed into is the best way to prepare ahead in regards to wardrobe, including your footwear.  Your job interview is likely the first time you’ll be picking out clothing to impress your employer. Interviewing as a lifeguard or a beachfront waitress?  If the answer is no, then please leave the flip flops at home. Your interview is the time to pull out your best shoes, so men should opt for dress shoes, or at the very least, a business-casual loafer.  Women have the option to go all out with heels, or choose a refined, dressy flat or sandal instead.  As long as you present a polished, professional look, you should be good to go for your interview.  During your interview, be sure to take note of what other employees are wearing, and what type of footwear will best serve you during your days in the office.

Ask Questions.  This tip is especially important for those heading into a factory or warehouse environment, since your feet could be at risk if you aren’t wearing appropriate footwear.  Many employers will have clear instructions on what you are supposed to wear to work each day for these types of positions, but if they don’t, you need to ask.  Oftentimes there will be a certain type of boot or work shoe required for safety, so you need to leave with a clear idea of what type, style, and perhaps even brand, of shoe they want you to be wearing when you show up for your first day.

Have Fun!  Footwear and clothing in the office or on the warehouse floor is one thing, but if you are headed to an after-hours event (like a dinner or a party), by all means let your creativity shine through in your wardrobe choices!  While we don’t think this is the time to embarrass yourself with revealing or inappropriate clothing, putting on a favorite pair of fun heels or your favorite pair of jeans and funky blazer is a wonderful way to let your personality shine through and get to know your boss and fellow employees better.  Be sure to double check any dress codes for the event though, to avoid any awkward situations.
We hope these tips help you put your best foot forward with your new job, and make you feel prepared as you head into work. Still walking the path of finding the perfect job for you?  PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to help.  We work with you to match your skills and qualifications with open positions in and around the greater Polk County area.  We are Central Florida’s choice for staffing and recruiting needs, and we are ready to help you launch your career.  Give us a call to get started, or apply for our current openings online!