Turkey Talk: Conversation Starters for Your Holiday Table

christmas-791110_640Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and as you prepare for your Turkey Day feast, a thought that could cross your mind is conversation at the table.  Oftentimes, after the initial “how are you?”, “how are the kids?”, etc., talk can tend to head into the realm of work.  There is nothing wrong with talking about your career at the Thanksgiving table, but it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone is in an ideal situation with their current job (in other words, they don’t want to be reminded of work on their day off), or they might not have a job at all.  Additionally, careers have huge variation, and talking about your job can ostracize others at the table if they are completely lost when it comes to what you do at work, how you do it, and so forth.

So, what can you do to strike up a conversation and end the awkward silence without brining up your job?

The Food!  The food is always a great topic and conversation starter at the Thanksgiving table.  Compliment the host on how wonderful the food is, or if you are the one hosting, ask for opinions of what the favorite holiday dessert is from the majority of your guests.  This can turn into a great time to swap favorite family recipes, family cooking traditions, etc. and it steers clear of discussing work.

The Family.  If your holiday table is full of a mixture of close family/friends and guests that aren’t as familiar with you and your loved ones, the time around the table is a wonderful opportunity to get to know one another better.  Start with going around and making sure everyone knows everyone else, and then you can head into asking about certain family members, how someone’s children are doing, etc.  If your Thanksgiving feast is family only, this could be a nice time to introduce a fun tradition like going around and naming what each person is thankful for, or what their favorite holiday memory is.  These types of conversations breed much more holiday spirit than talking about careers.

General Interests.  Generic topics like sports, entertainment (movies, music, etc.), and local events can be a great way to strike up discussions among Thanksgiving guests.  Avoid topics that can be controversial (like politics!) and try to aim for safer topics that the majority of people could relate to.

We hope you are blessed with an enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday with the ones you hold dear.  We hope these conversations will help you avoid the dreaded “work talk” at your table this year.  Dreading the relatives asking you if you’ve found a job, or wondering how you’ll answer when someone asks how you like your current position?  Give PHR Staffing Solutions a call and let us help you find the job that’s perfect for you this year.  We provide employees to businesses throughout the greater Lakeland area, and we can find the position you need and want.