Thanksgiving Is Over…Now What?

resume-1799955_640Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now that your turkey coma is wearing off, you might be wondering what’s next.  For many people today means heading back to work, or spending the weekend recovering from eating and Black Friday shopping before hitting the office bright and early on Monday.  However, for others, the end of Thanksgiving is a painful reminder that they don’t have a job to return to at all.

PHR Staffing Solutions’ goal is to find the position that is perfect for each applicant that comes through our door.  Unfortunately though, that isn’t always an “instant” fix.  Sometimes it can take a little time to get through paperwork, applications and interviews, and jump through various hoops that are specific to each opening.  So, now that the holiday is over, Christmas is around the corner, and you’re waiting on the job that’s right for you, what can you do?

Here are some ways to stay productive and busy until you are back in the work force this holiday season:

Clean Up.  Use your days at home, while you aren’t in an office or dealing with holiday busyness, to get your house ready for when you do have a job taking up your time each day.  Take care of jobs you might not have time to do during your routine cleaning checklist, like exterior window washing, cleaning out and organizing closets, or wiping down baseboards.  By getting rid of clutter, and having your environment clean and tidy, you’ll be better prepared when employment comes knocking on your door.

Get Fit.  There is no better way to use your “free” time than by taking care of YOU.  Use this waiting period to make time for exercise.  Physical exercise helps with stress, helps you clear your head, and has a plethora of health benefits including lower blood pressure, weight loss, and improved heart rate.  Walking, running, biking, swimming, yoga…whatever form of exercise you choose, being fit will definitely help with making your more successful in whatever you do, especially when jumping into a new career!

Volunteer.  Just because you aren’t getting paid for the work, volunteering is a great way to spend your days, and it can also benefit your resume.  Look for volunteer opportunities with lots of community connections, or volunteer in the field which you would like to pursue for your career.  Not only can it aid in you finding permanent employment, but it is also a rewarding way to use your time for the greater good of others in your area.

If you haven’t started your own job hunt yet, and are in the “waiting period”, give us a call or apply for one of our current openings right here on our site.  PHR Staffing Solutions has a constant flow of openings being presented to us by employers from the greater Polk County area, and our goal is to find the perfect job for you.