Staying IN The Loop: Why You Should Say “Yes” to LinkedIn


It’s no secret that social media is beneficial for businesses and individuals alike, particularly when it comes to launching and building a reputation and/or career. With major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter available you can tailor your online presence to be exactly what you want, when you want. In years past, one platform has been somewhat in the shadows, not calling much attention to itself in the world of social media and being frequented mostly by career savvy people simply wanting to meet others of their same field. Wonder who we’re talking about?


LinkedIn is busting out of the shadows and in recent months has made a big comeback in the world of social media. It’s particularly popular with young professionals and entrepreneurs who are realizing the huge benefits of networking, and that’s LinkedIn’s specialty. So why should you, as a business owner or applicant, say “Yes!” to getting a LinkedIn profile of your own?

For business owners, this platform offers a wide array of options. You can network with other businesses owners in your community and build a local network, connect with businesses just like yours in other areas (to glean advice or information perhaps?) or you can advertise job openings to professionals who are also active on the platform. With a few clicks of a button you can view an applicant’s educational background, work history, and other pertinent facts, which encourage you to either move forward with getting to know them better, or passing them by for more qualified potential employees. In addition to having your own personal, professional page on LinkedIn, you can also set up an account for your business itself, which offers a whole new level of management tools for advertising job openings, organizing network connections, and more.

For professionals and hopeful job applicants, LinkedIn is a great way to get your name in the hands of many businesses all at once. You can build your profile to put your best foot forward, and unlike traditional social media pages where you have to manage both your personal and professional life in one space, in LinkedIn you (typically) stick to career-related posting, allowing you to tailor your profile to the types of jobs that you want. In addition to connecting with business, LinkedIn allows you to connect with other professionals from around the world, and not only is this good for learning and growing as an individual, but it can also benefit you in your job search. Oftentimes, your network of connection can recommend you for positions for which you are qualified, or they could notify you if they see an opening you’d be interested in. It’s like having a whole group of work friends on your side, whether they live 5 minutes down the road or on the other side of the globe.

PHR Staffing Solutions is active on LinkedIn, and are fully behind this platform as a place for professionals and businesses to “meet,” get helpful information, network with one another, and hopefully launch successful career relationships. Keep up with our current openings here at PHR by searching our Jobs page here on our site, or on our social media accounts (including Facebook, where you can directly apply through our job postings). We can’t wait to hear from you.