Self Care Is More Than Healthy Living

Health is a hot topic in today’s society thanks to COVID 19. Even before the pandemic, weight loss regimens, exercise programs, and health foods were a lucrative market for those who sought to help people take health to the highest level. However, many of the offerings for “bettering one’s self” focus on the physical body, and leave out the emotional component of being healthy. 
Emotional health is, in fact, most important when focusing on health, because in many ways, it directly affects the physical body. Emotions and emotional distress can adversely affect eating habits and weight, heart rate, blood pressure, immune strength, and more. Ever been in a highly stressful situation and felt lightheaded, or ended up with a headache? That’s your mind’s way of sending you a message with physical signals. Our emotional state can be a help or a hindrance to our physical body, if we only take the time to focus on managing it. 
So, what can you do to improve, or maintain, your emotional health, whether at home or in the office? 

Feed Yourself Well Good nutrition is a MUST for your mental health. When you are overly hungry for example, you will notice that your blood sugar dropping leaves you in a bad mood, likely grouchy and short-tempered. Make sure you eat at regular intervals, and make healthy choices that are still delicious. It takes some planning ahead, but packing plenty of nutritious, high-energy snacks when you’re working in the office is the best way to keep yourself going strong all day long. Don’t forget to let yourself indulge every now and then too. One of your mom’s famous cookies or a sandwich from your favorite local deli are good ways to treat yourself and add a bright spot to your days. 

Get Active Exercise and physical activity are key to emotional health. This can be a rigorous exercise routine, or something gentle like yoga, but it must help you relax, and leave you feeling accomplished. Additionally, participating in physical activity can help you lose or maintain weight, improve cardiovascular function, lower blood sugar, and tone muscles which means you are aiding in both physical and mental health. Try getting in some steps at the office by walking laps in the parking lot or using the stairs instead of the elevator. Not only is it a great way to get some socially distanced activity in, but outdoor time lets you enjoy some fresh air and possibly some time without your mask. At home, take a walk down the street, use a few five-minute breaks for bursts of physical activity throughout the day, or use part of your lunch break for a quick workout or yoga session. 

Support Having a support system of family and/or friends is perhaps the most important part of emotional health. They offer acceptance, companionship, and accountability. Take care to put effort into the relationships with those close to you. With current restrictions in place for many of us, time with friends and family might not look the way it did before. Be creative and come up with new ways to support one another during this time. Video calls, “socially distanced” meetups, or even a window visit with an elderly or at-risk loved one can do wonders for your mental state. 

If you’re feeling less than your best, it’s important to reach out. Talk to a family member, friend, coworker, or even your boss and let them know you’re struggling. Many employers offer resources that can point you in the direction of the help you need. People can only help if you let them know you need it, so don’t stay silent and suffer alone. Unemployment is a scary time for many people right now, and PHR Staffing Solutions is here to be your point of contact in getting back on your feet. We can’t remove all the stress from your plate, but we can make this one part of life easier to manage as you prepare for a new career. Apply for one of our current openings online, or simply contact us about getting your resume into our database so we can start matching you with potential openings.