Saving Time, Saving Money: How A Staffing Service Works for You

dollar-163473_640A question we face a lot is: “Why do I need to hire a staffing agency?”  Many business owners believe they can save money by not paying a staffing agency, and instead, seeking out, interviewing, and hopefully hiring new employees without a “middle man”.  Most of these owners assume that the middle man will cost them more in the long run, and that it’s cheaper and faster to do the work on their own.  However, this is an inaccurate assumption.

A staffing agency, like PHR Staffing Solutions, is actually a way to save both time and money when seeking new employees for your business.  Essentially, here’s how it works:


  • You need to fill a position, so you hire us to seek out applicants whose skills match your needs.
  • We find the top-rated applicants in the Polk County area, and narrow them down to the very best options for you.
  • You choose who you want to “hire”, but you aren’t committing to that single employee. Technically, they are working for you, but they are hired by us. Consider it a sort of “trial run”.
  • After 90 days, if the temporary employee has pleased you with their work, you have the choice to hire them on as your own. If they have failed to meet the requirements, you simply let us know. We take care of letting them go, and then will continue to assist you in filling the position until you find someone who is perfect for the job.

So, how does this save you time and money?

You only have to give us the info regarding the position you need to fill and the requirements for the job, and we take care of the rest.  Instead of spending your time advertising the opening, receiving and weeding through applications, taking phone calls regarding applications, interviewing applicants, etc., we do it all for you.

You also save time by not wasting your efforts on employees that don’t work out.  If you do your own hiring, you might go through several employees before you find the right fit.  That means repeating paperwork for payroll, contracts, and even insurance information.  With a staffing agency like PHR, all payroll and paperwork is handled by us for the first 90 days.  You only have to worry about paperwork once you’ve made a final decision on an employee and know they are around to stay.

You save money by using a staffing agency since you aren’t taking up precious hours dealing with the application and hiring process.  You also save money in that you aren’t paying for insurance on the said employee, and aren’t required to provide them with benefits while they are on temporary status.

For local Polk County businesses throughout the greater Lakeland area, PHR Staffing Solutions is your answer to filling any position in your company.  Let us do the hard work for you, and you can spend your time managing your business.  Trust us to offer only the very best employees that will keep your business growing and thriving.