Live, Work, and Play: Why Lakeland Is The BEST Place to Live

lakeland-1072197_640Most people think their town is the “best” place to live.  After all, it’s where you do your day-to-day business, where you friends and family (probably) are, and where you live life.  However, us Lakeland residents really do live in one of the best places available, and here’s why…

Something for Everyone.  The residential options in the greater Lakeland area are some of the best in Central Florida.  From large, sprawling homes on large pieces of property, to high-rise condos, you can find whatever suits you and your family best. The housing market here is highly competitive in price, and living in Lakeland means you are almost equal distance from both the east and west coast of Florida.  You also have major tourist cities like Orlando and Tampa available as an easy day trip, without having to take a full “vacation”.  What’s not to love?

Eat, Drink, Be Merry…and Shop!  Lakeland has a huge variety of dining and shopping opportunities for both those who are visiting for a weekend and those who live here full time.  Downtown has restaurants ranging from posh, upscale eateries, to family-friendly, local pizza joints.  Fun specialty dives offer everything from fresh-made Beignets to custom cupcakes.  Once you’ve eaten your fill, you can browse outdoor malls and shopping centers, or head downtown and enjoy local retail shops that carry artwork, collectibles, clothing, and more.

Business Growth and Employment Opportunity.  Lakeland is growing rapidly, and that growth means businesses are flooding to the area to stake their claim and get in on the action.  There are positions opening up throughout Polk County and Lakeland residents have plenty of options when it comes to seeking employment.  Whether you are looking for clerical or office work, or want to get your hands dirty with manual labor, there’s likely something for you right here in town.

Ready to be a part of the Lakeland life?  If so, we’ll be glad to have you!  Already live here?  We are thankful to have you as a “neighbor” and fellow Lakelander.  Whether you’re already here, or will be soon, we have the perfect opening for you.  PHR Staffing Solutions supplies employees to businesses throughout Polk County, and we are trusted by the community to offer only the very best applicants available.  Let us find the perfect job for you!