Resume Refresher: 3 Ways to Make Your Resume The Best It Can Be

Whether you’ve been on the job hunt for months on end, or are just starting out due to recent layoffs, chances are your resume is at the forefront of your mind right now. After all, it’s your primary means of communication (initially) with potential employers, and you want to make a good impression. It’s easy though for a resume to become stale, and end up falling short of what you need to make an impression and move on to the next level of the application process. 
These three tips are great ways to refresh your resume, and make sure it’s ready to be put in the hands of potential employers: 

  1. Change up the font and format. If your entire resume is in Times New Roman, it might be time for something new. Opt for a professional font with a modern twist, like Calibri, Helvetica, or even Arial. Font size should mostly be 12 points, with headings ranging from 12-14 points depending on the chosen font. Use black for your text color, and make sure it’s printed on high-quality resume paper if you aren’t sending it digitally. Presentation matters, and your font and format choices say a lot about you! 
  2. Update work history information. This is often overlooked, but it’s important! Including all previous jobs, volunteer and community involvement participation, etc. help employers develop an idea of your skills, how long you stay committed to a position, if/how quickly you moved up the ladder, etc. Lots of information is gleaned from this area, and if it’s overlooked, it could cost you in the long run. 
  3. Change up your references. Keeping the same references for years on end just isn’t a good idea. Take time to go through both your personal and professional references listed, and make sure they’re still relevant to your current circumstances. Double check all contact information and update as needed to give HR staff or employers the easiest possible path to checking up on your background and getting the info they need. 

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