Reaching for The Stars (and Bonuses): Growing in Your Career Made Simple

Career growth is a top goal for most employees, and you likely stepped into your current job with the desire to be promoted in the future. Everyone enjoys the idea of moving up and receiving more benefits, better pay, etc. that come along with a higher-level job. Additionally, with the holidays around the corner, all of us would appreciate a bonus to reward our hard work! However, career growth isn’t an entitlement, but rather, something that must be earned. The best way to continue moving upward through the chain of superiority and/or receiving rewards (like bonuses!) in your office or workplace is to…

Give 100% to EVERTHING.

If you start something, follow through and finish it. Don’t leave a project or assignment halfway completed or partially undone. Whether it’s stocking the office snack bar, making the morning coffee run for coworkers, pulling your duty to clean the staff restroom, or putting together a proposal for a big contract, whatever job you’ve been given, do it well and do it in totality. This shows commitment, a strong work ethic, and attention to detail which are all important attributes employers look for when selecting staff members for promotions.

Be Mindful of Your Words.

The workplace is, perhaps, one of the places most riddled with gossip and slander. While it might seem humorous, or appear to be a back door into being accepted by a specific group of coworkers, speaking badly about your boss, contributing to less-than-wholesome jokes, making inappropriate comments, etc. can actually make you lose credibility in the office, and could even cost you your career if the wrong person overhears. Wise employees pick and choose which conversations to participate in, and keep the prize (like a holiday bonus, or being hired for a new supervising position) in mind. A good rule of thumb? If you wouldn’t say it with your boss standing there, it’s better to keep it to yourself.

Give Your Employer Credit, Even Over Yourself.

Your main goal at work should be to make your boss(es) look great, and they will likely notice that when it’s time for the next promotion or round of bonuses. When possible, do everything in your power to lift up your superior(s) so they receive credit for success in your work environment. When you do work, you are representing them and the business they stand for, so make sure you do it well! This carries over to your time outside the office too. Bad-mouthing your company or boss outside of work is no way to support the growth of the company for which you work. Keep in mind, if the business fails, so does your paycheck. Putting your own pride aside, and giving your employer credit for achievements, is a great way to get your name on the list when it’s time to hire new upper-level staff.

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