PHR Solutions is Woman-Owned and Operated

wbe-seal-rgb_wbe_09-07-16_v1The world of business is constantly growing and changing in every field, from the dining and food industry to the entertainment field.  There is a steady stream of new opportunities for employees with a huge variety of skill sets and requirements if they know where to look.  This business growth has a startling trend though.  Today’s economic growth has seen a huge rise in women-owned companies.

In the last 15 years, the amount of businesses owned and operated by females has jumped up by 54%.  That’s a huge amount of growth, and there are now over 8 million companies owned by women in the United States.  Against odds such as receiving less funding than the male-owned competitors, and receiving as much as 80% less capital than men in the same field, these women business owners have managed to overcome statistics and establish valued and successful brands in their communities.

While certain US cities are richer in women-owned businesses (like Washington D.C., Sacramento, or Houston), our very own Lakeland, Florida has opened up opportunities for women, and PHR Staffing Solutions is proof of that.  PHR is woman-owned and operated, and has been growing and thriving in the Polk County community for 8 years.  We provide staffing solutions for companies of all sizes throughout Lakeland, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, and Bartow.  We value all of our employees, both men and women, and companies who come to us know that we are filling their vacancies with the absolute best applicants in the Central Florida area.

We want to show girls and women in the Lakeland community, and the world in general, that they can overcome the obstacles stacked against them, and be successful in the business world if they choose to.  We are thankful that our city has been so supportive of PHR Staffing Solutions, and we look forward to serving our community for many years to come.