Above and Beyond: Standing Out to Your Employer

crowd-1294119_640Everyone wants to “stand out in the crowd”, but this is especially true for employees in the work place.  While some stand out for the wrong reasons, the ultimate goal is to stand out for things that a boss would look for when it comes to advancing within the business.  Sometimes though, it can be hard to find opportunities that allow you to show how much you truly appreciate your job and want to make your mark.

Over the last 48 hours, Hurricane Matthew has made its way closer to Florida, demolishing everything in its way.  Throughout today and tomorrow it will likely be doing a lot of damage to our eastern coastline, and we will definitely be feeling effects of it here in Polk County.  Many businesses are closed for today, and possibly through the weekend, but plan to open on Monday. However, we don’t yet know what the storm will have left in its wake for employees throughout our area.  These types of situations offer prime times for you to not only go above and beyond for your career, but also to help your fellow man.

How can you “stick your neck out” during a time like this?  Perhaps you can offer to give fellow employees a ride if their car was damaged in the storm.  If your boss is having a hard time rounding up employees to come into work, be the first to volunteer to fill the hours.  Show up and help clear any debris away from the office, even if you weren’t specifically asked as part of your job.  Things like this are a great way to stand out to not only your boss, but also as a person.  Whether or not it ever elevates your career, it is never a mistake to be kind.

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Stay safe as we ride out Hurricane Matthew and deal with the aftermath. We are proud to be Florida strong!