Phase 2 in Florida: What Reopening Looks Like for Polk County Businesses (and How It Affects Your Job Search)

With Phase 2 of reopening Florida kicking off this week, we are seeing local residents and business owners alike questioning what the new regulations mean for them, and how it will impact their daily routine. Thanks to over two months of shutdown for many businesses, there are employers all over our area having to, essentially, start from scratch. From hiring new staff to coming up with (and implementing) new practices in their places of work, business owners are most definitely following the reopening of our state closely. In addition to the business owners though, those who are currently unemployed are also paying extra attention to the new rules and standards being put forth with the second phase of lifting lockdowns. The reopening of many places of business means they finally have a chance at getting hired and landing a position they’ve been waiting for. Some of these employees are long-time job seekers, while others were just recently unemployed due to COVID, but regardless of what got them there, they are standing in line trying to find the perfect spot for them to fill in the work force. 
PHR Staffing Solutions is here to help during this time, and we count it a privilege to help other local residents find fulfilling and sustaining employment. As Phase 2 is implemented in our area this week, here are a few things to keep in mind (and why you should get your resume to us ASAP)…

  • The maximum number of people gathered has increased from 10 to 50. That means many local employers, including some of our agricultural positions like fruit processing, can resume business even if it’s in limited capacity. These types of positions are frequently listed on our site and are a great way to get your foot in the door. 
  • Retail stores (even those that are non-essential) can reopen, albeit with limited capacity. That means owners will be hiring new staff to run the registers, restock shelves, etc. 
  • Offices are allowed to reopen, again, with limited capacity. That, paired with new cleaning regimens that will need to be implemented to protect their staff, is why you’ll see an increase in janitorial staff in many places of business. These positions will be to be filled quickly, and having your resume on file with a hiring agency is a great way to get a head start on landing the job. 

We hope you’ll let us help you get hired and jump back into the workforce following the crisis we’ve all been thrown into during the first half of 2020. PHR Staffing Solutions has continued working behind the scenes, making sure our applicants get the best possible chance at local openings, and ensuring that the employers who trust us receive only the best, most qualified options for their vacancies. Call us and see what we can do for you!